Investigators Kaluga region opened a criminal case against a local resident who is suspected of torturing a young child. The head of the family forced the daughter to self-harm if she made mistakes in spelling, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

42-year-old man using medieval methods of teaching, is charged under paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 117 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“cruel treatment of a minor, helpless and financially dependent on the perpetrator”). He faces a seven-year term of imprisonment.

According to investigators, from March to October 2016, the suspect “was systematically beaten his 11-year-old daughter, causing bruises on various parts of the body, and with the words “write correctly” forced the child to prick her hands with a needle.”

In the end, on the wounded hands of the girls drew the attention of a school teacher. They reported it to law enforcement.

We will add, a similar case occurred seven years ago in the town of Tulun of the Irkutsk region. There is under investigation was a woman who was tortured with a needle my six year old daughter. Thus, the mother is a sadist punish a hungry girl’s food without permission products.

According to investigators, from bullying 30-year-old Yulia Tsybysheva suffered her infant daughter Katya. The woman beat the girl every time a starving child eating the food found in the closet. Twice the baby, beaten to death, were taken to forensic scientists. Every time the mother was adamant it was justified by the fact that the “bad tendencies” must be fought.

“When I have eaten condensed milk, Mama slap me in the face and head, she said the specialists of the Department of custody and guardianship of the mayoralty of Tulun. – And then grabbed my neck and pushed me on the floor.” The child fell and hit his head on the bench.

No pleas girls for mercy for a mother not acted. “When my mother beat me, I told her I will not do it anymore – added Katya. – Then mom picked me up, took back by the hair and started hitting her head on the nightstand.”

Only when the child came forth blood, the sadist stopped. “That really hurt!” – said Katya.

The second time, after only a fortnight, “educative” measures were taken due to the fact that the day had not seen the girl stole food from the table Patty. The young “thief” punished so severely, that frightened neighbors rushed to call in militia. The most compassionate people saved the baby life more the girl the mother did not give. It turned out, for poor Patty Katya stabbed with needles.

Harsh language for medical document consequences of the execution are as follows: “Forensic examination established the fact of having a child with injuries on the surfaces of the right and left hand in the form of multiple stab wounds punctate, rounded form, with red-brown dried on the skin crusts, as well as multiple bruises on different parts of the body, including on her face.”

On the indignant question investigators about the reasons for this atrocity Tsybysheva answered ingenuously: “Wanted to teach”.

For the tendency to such “teachings,” a 30-year talanchanka was charged with article 115 (“Deliberate causing of a little harm to health”) and item 156 (“Default of duties on education of minors”) of the criminal code.

Katya was sent to an orphanage.

In the Kaluga region man had forced 11-year-old daughter to stab my hands with needles as a punishment for mistakes in grammar 28.11.2016

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