Investigators Kaluga region opened a criminal case concerning 50-the summer inhabitant of the Borovsky district, who is suspected in the brutal murder of his neighbor drinking buddy. The attacker drove a stake into the head of the victim, determined that he was a ghoul.

According to the preliminary version, November 12, the suspect and his 63-year-old neighbor drank alcohol together. However, the meal ended with the murder of a pensioner, informs an official site of regional management of SK Russian Federation.

“I kicked him and he fell,” – said the interrogation of a detainee. When the older man began to get up from the floor, the boon companion allegedly saw he “began to glow the eye is bright red”.

“Light is so strong that the light blinded me, I was scared”, – transfer words of the suspect to investigators.

In the end, the man, kicking the neighbor’s leg again, and took from the oven a stake and stabbed his opponent in the left eye, according

The killer then went to the neighbors and reported the massacre of the “vampire”. At the scene police officers were dispatched.

A criminal case was opened under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”). In the investigation of questioned witnesses. The suspect faces a sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

We will add that in Russia is not the only in recent years, the case when the companions are killed on the basis of fear of vampires. A similar crime was committed three years ago in the Bryansk region. There is a 35-year-old resident of the village Kosychi Surazh district, attacked 63-year-old villager, who invited him to visit.

The visitor seemed that the owner drank more of it. This was the motive of the quarrel of companions. “Then the defendant in a criminal case thought the owner of the home grew fangs and he turned into a vampire,” – said in the press release of the RF IC.

Eventually, a Junior member of the feast, first stabbed his opponent multiple times with hands and a metal crowbar and then stabbed in the chest pensioner screwdriver and a file. From the inflicted injuries the victim died at the scene.

And in 2006, in Kaliningrad region 30-year-old resident of the village of Kabanovka Mikhail Shatokhin dealt with the 80-year-old girl from the village. Before that, he used a liter of vodka.

According to eyewitnesses, in the evening drunk Shatokhin ran out of his house and began to shout: “the Vampires are coming! Save yourselves!” He then locked in the yard of scrap metal with a pointed end and went, in his own words, to protect the village from the vampires.

On the street Breast Shatohina was found old Valentine Lohmatova that he was a vampire, and knocked her down. Then the fighter of evil struck pensioner six blows with a crowbar in the chest to the left, especially aiming at the heart.

In the Kaluga region man stabbed a stake into the eyes of the neighbor-“vampire” 15.11.2016

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