In the Kremlin consider that there is no reason for the checks in connection with the voiced on the eve of the statement of the Chairman of the Russian public organization disabled war in Afghanistan and military trauma “Disabled war” Andrey Chepurnov that Senator Franz Klintsevich allegedly intimidating his colleagues by calling it a successor of the head of state speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

“There is no item to check. Moreover, the President clearly responded to the story. There can hardly be room for debate and interpretation. Everything is clear,” – said to journalists on Friday, April 21, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, quoted by TASS.

Peskov confirmed that Putin, as reported before, has instructed first Deputy head of his administration Sergei Kiriyenko to understand the conflict, reports “Interfax”. At the same time, a Kremlin spokesman said that instruction was given only the day before, and it would be strange to expect such a rapid progress in this matter. “I confirm that the instruction was. There is no movement, and it would be wrong to expect that right in the following morning will be movement,” he said.

Earlier in the meeting Russian organizing Committee “Victory” in the Grand Kremlin Palace the head of the organization “Afghans” Andrey Chepurnoy complained to Putin that the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich called Volodina as the legal successor of the Russian President.

According to Chepurny, Klintsevich “verbally called and scared” in the regions members of the organization that soon Volodin will be President. In addition, according to the head of the organization, Klintsevich sending letters to the regional officials and heads of public organizations, which writes that “the successor of the President” will give his “immense authority” and “all the unwanted roll up and buried alive.” As assured Chepurnoy, Senator for three years, “using its administrative resources, is trying to destroy the organization, to seize property, make a split in the veterans’ movement.”

Putin in response to this statement and said, “I think that the “Afghans” will not be intimidated by any statements such as “roll up”. The President admitted that he first heard about this conflict and asked Kiriyenko to do to resolve it.

As explained on Friday, the Sands, the speech of Andrey Chepurnov wasn’t orchestrated in advance. “All events involving the President are carefully prepared, but they are not a dogma, and all events involving the President, here is part of the “different” and the President offers all participants to speak. It is always open to dialogue and prefers everyone and not just those included in the agenda, to listen,” said the press Secretary of the President, responding to a question whether Chepurnoy in lists of speakers.

On the eve of the Klintsevich asked RBC about whether to call it Volodin, Putin’s successor, instead of an answer asked if he was crazy, thus denying the charges.

The press wrote that the conflict between the Klintsevich and “Disabled veterans” continues. As explained by the Senator in history are the contradictions of the Afghan community and him personally with the head of “war Invalids” Andrew Chepurny. As explained Klintsevich, it is the requirement of the 20 regional offices of this organization initiated an audit of the use Chepurny budget funds intended for the rehabilitation of soldiers-Afghans. After that, he said, was “running controversy” with his alleged unpaid vacation in a departmental sanatorium.

It was reported that “Disabled veterans” has addressed in court after in may 2015, the Russian audit chamber revealed the fact of residence of the leadership of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan (RSVA), including Klintsevich, in the Centre of rehabilitation therapy (TPS). M. A. villain in December-January 2014-2015. The total amount of debt of all who lived approximately 800 thousand rubles.

In the lawsuit, filed in the court of the invalids of war in Afghanistan, said that for the head RSVA Klintsevich in December 2014 had booked a two-bedroom presidential Suite. Together with the Senator in the Suite had to be two ladies with children. At the same time, there rested the Deputy head of the RSVA Vladimir Kostiuchenko family.

In the end, on the eve of New year, the company settled in Rus ‘ for 21 days. During this time campers, according to the staff, completed the full rehabilitation course. They are not paid for holidays.

As it turned out, employees “Disabled war veterans”, soldiers-internationalists and their wives can use the services of the resort for free, but only if the course of rehabilitation recommended by the doctor. Klintsevich, Kostyuchenko and their companions when making trips medical directions had, however, told the staff that all the documents they have, but they present late. In the end, no money, no documents had been received.

In June last year, the court sought with Klintsevich on this case is 285 thousand rubles. The Senator has repeatedly rejected the accusations, arguing that as a participant of the war in Afghanistan has every right to rest and treatment in sanatorium “Rus” for free. At the same time, he said, he never used this right.

In the Kremlin do not see the subject checks in conflict with the intimidation of “Afghans” the successor to the President 21.04.2017

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