The Kremlin does not pay attention to the calls of opponents to ban the Halloween holiday in Russia. The journalists said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, noting that the New year also has foreign roots, according to TASS.

On a question of journalists, how in the Kremlin are reports that some Russians have asked the Prosecutor General to ban the celebration of Halloween, the spokesman replied: “the Kremlin does not apply to such requests”. This Peskov added: “Here, probably only can afford a small historical scene: the New year has never been traditional Russian holiday, also came from abroad”.

Earlier it became known that the Vyatka lawyer Yaroslav Mikhaylov filed several applications to the Prosecutor General and the Prosecutor of the Kirov region with a request to check the legality of celebrating the eve of all saints Day in Russia. “According to the ROC, my opinion and the opinion of a number of social organizations, the celebration of Halloween in Russia is violating the current Russian legislation”, – said the author of hits “Газете.Ru”.

The lawyer believes that the celebration of Halloween is held in violation of the Russian legislation in the part regulating missionary activity. “So, we actually have pagan (religious) course, which is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation. So, Halloween is subject to the provisions of article 24.2. “The exercise of missionary activity”, the Federal law N125-FZ of 1997,” explained Mikhailov. According to the lawyer, the possibility of a ban on the celebration of Halloween is provided by the amendments to the Federal law in 2016 under the controversial “Spring package”.

Halloween – an ancient Celtic celebration, called the eve of all saints Day, is celebrated on the night of 31 October to 1 November. He had previously been celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, but over the last 10 years, the holiday became popular in Russia and Europe.

The roots of this holiday leave during the pre-Christian era. It was believed that on this night the worlds of the living and the dead opened their doors, and the inhabitants of the other world made their way to the ground. In order to avoid becoming victims of spirits and ghosts, the Celts extinguished their homes in a fire and wore animal skins to scare away unwelcome intruders. On the street near the houses was left treats for the spirits of sacrificed animals. And today, people are celebrating Halloween, traditionally dress up in costumes of monsters and arrange masquerades.

In the Kremlin opponents of Halloween reminded about the origin of the New year 28.10.2016

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