The Kremlin has responded to an open
a letter to
the American economist Paul Craig Roberts, former
assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the administration of Ronald Reagan,
a request to issue him a Russian passport. The Russian authorities are ready to consider
the question is, if Roberts will write the application, said RIA “Novosti” press Secretary
the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.

“To obtain citizenship you need to issue a statement.
If it is written, it will be considered”, – said Peskov.

Roberts asked citizenship by Vladimir Putin on November 28, shortly
after 25 November, the Russian passport from Putin received
actor Steven Seagal.

The reason was the accusations of the Kremlin and the inclusion of his site in a list of 200
websites spreading Russian propaganda. Paul Craig Roberts
complained that Russian propaganda is its criticism
increasing tensions between two nuclear powers. “I
do not want the world was destroyed in a thermonuclear war. In
United States this position is considered to be suspicious, I hope, is
acceptable,” – said the economist.

Malgin: “Putin once again violated by him signed
Federal law “On citizenship of the Russian Federation”

However, as in the case of Seagal and Gerard Depardieu
American boxer Roy Jones and other famous aliens
received a Russian passport, if citizenship has not been complied with all the formalities required by law.

Regarding the issuance of passports Seagal is a writer, journalist and popular
blogger Andrei Malgin wrote in his LiveJournal,
“Putin once again they violated Federal law
“On citizenship of the Russian Federation”. “According to part 1 of article 13,
a prerequisite for the adoption of citizenship is living on
the territory of the Russian Federation within five years continuously and proficiency
language. This time, according to part 2 of the same article, may be shortened
up to one year in some cases, for example if individuals accept
there are high achievements in science, technology and culture”, –
said Malgin.

Under part 3 of the same article of the Federal law, the President is not
can give citizenship just like that, without observing the periods of residence in
the country: “the Person having special merits to the Russian Federation,
can be accepted in citizenship of the Russian Federation without observance of
conditions stipulated by the first part of this article.” “Part
first, not the second! That is at least a year continuously in Russia the applicant
to live need,” said Malgin.

Although part 2 of the 13th article refers to the conditions under which the term
can be reduced to one year, it is not written waiver of
of the conditions specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article shall not
to mention the fact that in the case of Paul Craig Roberts “special merit”
before Russia is even less obvious than in the case of Segal, except
such criticism of the “color revolutions”, the evaluation of the Euromaidan and the change
of power in Ukraine as US operations against Russia, criticism of
Washington’s resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.

In the Kremlin promised to consider the request of the assistant Secretary of the US under Reagan about Russian passport 30.11.2016

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