In the Kremlin once again commented on posts of the Ukrainian hacking group “Cyberhunt” that she managed to hack the mailboxes of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. This time the head of the Kremlin press service, Dmitry Peskov, also said that hackers have published a fake materials, attributing their authorship to the Russian policy.

In addition, the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation stated that marmots do not use e-mail. “Is not he (Surkov), moreover, I might add – he does not use email, so someone sweated considerably Verstov this “document”, – said Peskov, quoted by TASS. A Kremlin spokesman added that the administration of the President of the Russian Federation got acquainted with the published “correspondence Surkov.”

On the eve Peskov, said Surkov, “all the time something is attributed to something if our hackers, whether foreign” because he is “very talented person”. Putin’s press Secretary noted that “most often it is not true”.

Ukrainian hackers calling themselves “Cyberhunts”, October 24, announced the hacking email Surkov (at In confirmation of his words, the hacker group has published fragments of correspondence of Surkov with his assistant Pavel Karpov, for conspiracy signing the name “Pavlov, Nikolay Nikolayevich”. The hackers said that they received materials testify that “criminal plans of Putin and his minions in the continuation of the seizure of the Ukrainian territory in Western Ukraine”.

One of the published “Cyberhunts” documents were entitled “Plan of priority measures on destabilization socially-political life in Ukraine “the Rod”. It speaks of the need as soon as possible to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, the result of which should be early parliamentary and presidential elections. To implement the plan proposed in November 2016 – March 2017, according to the document.

In Kiev published “Cyberhunts” documents recognized as authentic. On the reliability of published data, in particular, said the advisors to the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak and Anton Geraschenko.

However, there were skeptics who pointed to a suspicious typographical errors in the documents, allegedly obtained from the electronic box Surkov. “U “Surkov” that places such emphasis Poltava”, – said in comments on Facebook managing editor Kiev “the 5th channel” Igor Chichkan. Perhaps he had in mind found in the text of the phrases such as “with the environment Poroshenko” instead of “from the environment”, “Ukraine” instead of “the Ukraine”.

Ukrainian Colonel of justice Dmitry Kuzmichev noticed that both hackers posted the PDF file was physically created on October 23 at about 17:00 local time in the time zone GMT+2. “It is at the level of Central Europe, but not Russia. In short, fake”, – concluded the author of the comment under the post Gerashchenko.

After the press spread the story of the fake, “Cyberhunt” as evidence of a break – posted in open access and even personal documents Surkov and his family. In addition, the hackers posted a dump of the email ( for official correspondence assistant to the President of the Russian Federation.

Of the disclosed materials, in particular, it follows that the appeal of the organization “Civil initiative of Donbass” on September 2, 2014 with a request to stop the war in the East of Ukraine have agreed to Surkov a week before publication, noted on Twitter one of the participants in the investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

In the Kremlin reported no Surkov email 26.10.2016

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