The Kremlin has summed up intermediate results of the negotiations in the “Normandy format” (Ukraine, Germany, France
and Russia) in Berlin. Their main result – the agreement on the deployment of armed police mission of the OSCE in the Donbass, confirmed in the Kremlin.

Press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, answering
asked to clarify Moscow’s position on this issue, said: “the First mission is a police mission of the OSCE,
armed with the OSCE mission, it can be called whatever you like, in General
the location of such a mission, indeed, Putin agreed during
negotiations. And there is a common understanding, and in this situation, Vladimir
Putin spoke of the need to use the current presidency
Germany to the OSCE to enhance its work on this
question” (quoted by RIA
The “news”
with the preservation of features of speech).

“In this case, there is an understanding on the positivity of such placement
mission, but we have to work within the framework of the OSCE,” – said Peskov.

After the talks, Poroshenko went to the press and said,
in particular, that the parties “agree that no one will
to prevent the activities of the OSCE.” “And to provide training to
future local elections, when security conditions will give us
the opportunity to conduct these elections, we now make an attempt to enter
armed, we call it the police, the OSCE mission, which will
to ensure security during the electoral process, and
for the transition period”, – he added.

Poroshenko tried to catch inaccurate interpretation of negotiations

As the President himself after the talks confirmed only a willingness “to extend the OSCE mission in the zone of removal and storage of heavy equipment,” and earlier in
Moscow and Kiev after the talks between the leaders of “Norman
format” differently interpreted the theme of a military mission,
the statement Poroshenko, first raised doubts.

So, after a telephone conversation between the parties on 24 may, the press service
the President of Ukraine said,
“Norman four” endorsed “the deployment of police
mission,” the Kremlin said,
what was discussed is not a police mission, and the idea of weapons
the monitoring mission of the OSCE also added that this
you must take into account the views of the breakaway republics of Donbass.

In Lugansk people’s Republic questioned in a new statement
the Ukrainian President, RBC
citing a source in the foreign Ministry and a source close to the negotiations
reported that Russia and the other parties did not support this old idea

Plenipotentiary representative of the Luhansk national Republic in Minsk
the negotiations Vladislav Danego on the page in Facebook
noticed that these words came only from the Ukrainian
the President and chalked it up to his interpretation: “It was in
interpretation Poroshenko results of the talks in Berlin. But! It’s just
only his interpretation, and in fact, even if he tried about
to say, his wishes were not heeded”.

“Poroshenko and his hangers-on long ago, in the winter of 2015, sleep, and
see UN peacekeepers, then police mission of the OSCE between the positions
their executioners and of the militia of Donbass. But in reality “channel
four” believes that we should strengthen the observation mission of the OSCE in
growing areas of forces and means and places of storage of the withdrawn
means heavy weapons. No more!” – said Deynego.

Later, Dana said “Interfax”that the Republic did not agree with the introduction of the police mission, because “today it’s not necessary” and it is technically infeasible. “The current mission is purely civil in nature,” he said.

In 2015, Poroshenko urged the UN Security Council to send
police mission in the conflict zone, and later put forward the idea of the introduction
Donbass police contingent of the EU, but these calls are not
found support in the UN and the EU. Against police mission spoke Russian
and the self-proclaimed DND and LNR.

In the Kremlin the main result of the talks in Berlin called enter the armed mission of the OSCE in the Donbass 20.10.2016

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