Former Prime Minister of France Francois Fillon, winning in the first round of the primaries of the party “the Republicans” supports “sufficiently good relationship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, told journalists the press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, adding that the Kremlin is closely watching the election campaign in France, and associated with these elections the opportunity to improve Russian-French relations.

“We very carefully observe the course of the election campaign for the primaries in France. France is our partner country, with which Russia maintains good relations, cooperation with which can be much larger than it is now,” – quoted Peskov TASS.

The press Secretary noted that relations between Putin and Fillon were established in the years when Putin headed the government, “they had quite intensive contacts, not one hour they spent for specific negotiations.” “At the time were still enough creative work in terms of building bilateral relations,” Peskov recalled and added: “Do they maintain a fairly good relationship.”

Thus in the Kremlin have confirmed the reputation of françois Fillon, whom the Western media referred to “the French friends” of Putin. The publication Politico notes that in the West now carries “far-right parties” who support Putin.

62-year-old Francois Fillon calls Russia an “important partner” of Europe, wants to remove the sanctions and considers that the Western powers provoke it, by expanding NATO at the expense of States that are too close to its borders. According to Fillon, the West should build a coalition with Russia to fight against the terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH, banned in Russia) in Syria.

“These days the Russian leader luck, although he did not refuse from anything, including from the territory of Ukraine”, – says the newspaper, referring to his victory in the presidential elections in the United States Donald trump, who advocated the improvement of relations with Moscow, troubling the West the victory of Pro-Russian candidates in Moldova and Bulgaria, and in General the formation of a “Pro-Putin elite” in Europe.

Le Figaro: Fillon understand that Russia is a “great neighbor” is indispensable to achieve a world balance

Doctor of political Sciences, author of “Manners and manners world war” and “Technology and society” Carolina Galacteros in an article for Le Figaro notes that Fillon is known for his Russophile stance, however, indicate that the “friend of Putin” it turns anti-Russian propaganda, whereas he is only better than others realized that Russia is a great neighbour, is indispensable to achieve the new world and the European balance.

“Undoubtedly, in the next week all the debates will be focused around the alleged cynicism of foreign policy views visit which turned into a “monster friend” of Putin and Assad,” predicts Galacteros.

In her opinion, “anti-Russian ferocity in France, including in the last two years, picked up by the media and by many analysts that lost respect because of this bias, is nothing like the reverse side of stupid rage and jealousy in the face of Russian realities, but also historical, cultural and civilizational match, which resists all narrow-mindedness and ignorance of our small intellectual world, with its exaggerated self-importance, living in another world” (quotes from the article are given in the translation site InoPressa).

Russia does not threaten either Europe or the West, it is one of its pillars, says the author. She correctly does not allow to expose themselves to ostracism from Washington and its European cronies. She wants to regain its status in the world, to compel respect for their own “red lines” to stop causing trouble in Europe to ensure its energy interests and eradicate the Islam that is threatening it too.

According to Galacteros, the revival of right – “very bad news for populists of all stripes and, of course, for the extreme right, which have for too long thrived on our abdication.”

“Francois Fillon is better than others understand, and for a long time that Russia is a great neighbour, is indispensable to achieve the new world and the European balance. Europe and Russia together have the necessary critical mass for the formation between America and China solid strategic unit with which to be reckoned,” writes Galacteros.

The arrival of Donald trump, “which is clearly endowed with common sense, ready to engage in dialogue with a strong personality and feels the priorities,” the analyst also believes the good news and urges: “let us Pray that he be allowed to do it”.

Fillon has achieved the first important victory in the first round of the primaries of the center-right party “the Republicans”, which determines the candidate for the post of President of the Republic. Of the seven candidates in the party 62-year-old politician scored the most votes – 44.1 per cent, the mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppe, is a recent favorite of surveys received by 28.3%. Former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy scored only 20.9% of the votes.

In the Kremlin told about the “good relationship” with Putin, Fillon, won the first round of primaries in France 22.11.2016

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