The Kremlin was advised to 80 humanitarian and human rights organizations, speaking
with the exception of Russia from the Council of human rights UN because
action in Syria, to draw attention to the crimes of the terrorists in this country, instead of criticising Russia.

“Frankly, we would be more impressed if these
organizations were more active against those atrocities already
a few years satisfied militants in Syria-the terrorists,” said
press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

According to Peskov, if the organization condemned the actions of terrorists, and
criticized Russia, their work “seemed to us more
a convincing and credible”. On the question of whether Russia intends to
to respond to the call, Sands said: “I said what I
I wanted to say.”

The drafters of the document suggested within the Council for human rights
UN countries to answer the question whether the role of Russia in Syria,
which, in particular, “takes military operations targeting
become civilians and civilian objects”, and to sit her in this
instance. Human rights defenders considered that the Russian veto for resolution on
the cease-fire in Aleppo and in General support airstrikes in Syria
consistent with the principles and objectives of the Council.

AP quoted the Director of Human Rights Watch for the UN Louis
Charbonneau, who noted that the Council’s ability “to bring to
violators of human rights is under threat
since some countries use it to prevent the disclosure of their
own crimes.”

Western countries accuse
Moscow and Damascus as “war crimes” – the bombing of hospitals,
schools and infrastructure in Aleppo using a tank and cassette
bombs and chemical weapons against the civilian population. Syria and
Russia insist that strikes only against terrorists, and require
dissociation of the moderate opposition against the radicals.

On 21 October, the UN Council on human rights at the special session in Geneva
approved a resolution on Syria, proposed by Britain, where there is
the requirement for all parties to the conflict, especially the Syrian
the authorities and their allies, to immediately fulfill all obligations in
accordance with international humanitarian law. Russia project
resolution is not satisfied, and she offered to make a few

Two unsuccessful attempts to adopt the draft resolution on Aleppo was in
The UN Security Council. 8 Oct Russia have used
the right of veto during the vote on the French draft resolution was
blocked the Russian draft resolution, which failed to gain the nine
“Yes” votes. The prospects for the adoption of another draft resolution in
Moscow called
“unclear”, as prepared by the New Zealand draft resolution
The UN security Council “not quite consistent” with the Russian approach.

The UN Council on human rights was created
in 2006 to replace the Commission on human rights. The Council is responsible “for
the promotion of universal respect for and protection of all human rights around the
the globe and for addressing situations related to violation of human rights,
and preparation of appropriate recommendations”.

In the Kremlin who supported the expulsion of Russia from the UN Council of human rights defenders was advised to switch to terrorists in Syria 25.10.2016

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