Investigators Kurgan region opened a criminal case on the fact of triple murder, committed in the village of Lukino, Ketovskiy district. There in a private house luxury European neighborhood they found the body of a senior official of the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as his wife and daughter.

The bodies were discovered on November 16 in the evening. “On a scene there was a leaving of the leadership of the SU IC of Russia in the Kurgan region and investigative team, which included investigators forensic investigation Department”, – informs the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

A criminal case was opened under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two and more persons”) which prescribes punishment in the form of life term of imprisonment.

“It is established that the victims of criminals became the master of the house, his wife and adult daughter,” – said the investigative Agency. Work is underway to establish the identity of the perpetrator. The investigation conducted by the staff of the division for investigation of particularly important cases.

Meanwhile, press says that the victim of the killers was the head of the Department of insurance of professional risks of the social insurance Fund of Kurgan region Oleg Evseev. This information confirmed the head of the Ketovskogo district administration. He said that he worked with Evseev, when he was a member of Ural Department of Rostechnadzor in the Kurgan region.

According to branch Manager of Kurgan regional branch FSS of the Russian Federation Zoe Broncoway, at the time of the tragedy, Oleg Evseev was on vacation. The Fund Evseev, in particular, worked on the financial support of preventive measures on reducing industrial traumatism and professional morbidity of workers.

The law enforcement sources also say that the murder could be committed out of mercenary motives, and for the punishment of criminals used firearms.

Other sources report that fulfilled the version about custom-made murder of the official. And his wife and daughter, a student could be random victims.

Meanwhile, in the group “Incident | Kurgan” in the social network Vkontakte published a photograph of the orientation on a suspect in the murder of three people in Ketovsky district. According to her, search announced Sohibjon Fayzullo Coals Mamasaliev born 3 April 1991 in Uzbekistan.

“Apprehend with caution. The offender might be armed,” reads the guidance.

Oleg Evseev was born in 1968. He was the Director of a construction company “Zeus” (1995-2001), production company “Kurgan-Strojjbeton” (2001-2006), Deputy head of UTAN of Rostekhnadzor in the Kurgan region (since 2007).

Since 2009, where he held the post of head of the state environmental supervision, examination, regulation and administration of payments in the Kurgan region of the Urals Department of Rostechnadzor. Then the officer went to work in the FSS.

Evseev was awarded the medal “15 years of Federal management on safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons”. His wife worked at the medical center named Ilizarov.

Gated European village, where the murder is committed, is located 17 kilometers from the Mound, IA Regnum reports. Near this sparsely populated village is a recreation of the “Baden-Baden”, where Evseeva liked to relax.

In the Kurgan region killed the head of Fund of social insurance, his wife and daughter 18.11.2016

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