The patient palliative care Department of the second city hospital of the Kemerovo city of Prokopevsk attacked with a knife on fellow sufferers.

“The man 1950 year of birth with fourth degree cancer causeless began to show a knife on his roommates, and then in the hallway struck several blows to the patient in 1951, causing him light wounds to the arms and chest. He then went into one of the chambers where stabbed in the chest killed the patient”, – quotes “Interfax” the message of Investigatory Committee.

The attack occurred in early October. During the interrogation, the detained man said that he remembered nothing about the incident. Against the aggressor was prosecuted.

According Vse42, after the attack, the man jumped out the window. He received injuries from a fall and injured himself with a knife. Three days later he died. Investigators hope to understand what happened with posthumous psychological and psychiatric examination.

In the Kuzbass cancer patients staged a massacre in the palliative ward, jumped out the window and slaughtered 12.10.2016

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