Investigators Kirovsk in the Leningrad region started checking into the death of a minor child. His mother decided to treat the son, as the nearest hospital was required to drive several tens of kilometers, and medical card of the boy was lost.

Found that 22 Oct 2016 mother of five children, being the place of residence in the village of Beziers of the Kirov area, called the ambulance due to the poor health of her son. “The medic examined the child, offered the hospitalization from which the child’s mother refused”, – informs the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to the mother she was treating the baby after two years ago was lost the medical card of the son. “I’m older she always treated, and this, too,” said the mother of a sick Natalie.

She feared that without medical records to a child who had symptoms of a cold that just will not help in the hospital. And to go to the nearest hospital we had nearly 40 kilometers, and then as much again.

A sick little Misha a few days had a fever writes When 26 October, the child began to choke, Natalia again called an ambulance. By the time of arrival of physicians the baby showed no signs of life.

The doctors began cardiopulmonary resuscitation with hands pressed to the chest, tried to start the heart. Despite the efforts of doctors, the child died in the ambulance.

According to neighbors and relatives of the family in which the tragedy occurred, the parents were good to their children and always looked out for them.

The body of the deceased child is sent for examination. The funeral is scheduled for 31 October.

“A procedural decision will be made after the medical research, during which experts will be established the causes and circumstances of death of the child”, – concluded the Department of the RF IC. About whether doctors suspected of criminal negligence, the Ministry statement does not say.

We would add that the paramedics offered admission for reassurance even in the case when you do not see signs of severe disease and reasons for hospitalization. From the behavior of Natalia that she was not refused medical care if the son’s condition inspired her fears. In this regard, it is important to establish what diagnosed the child the doctors at the first visit. If it was only about the cold, the decision of Natalia to refuse admission feels natural.

In the Leningrad region died 5-year-old child, who was afraid to drive over 40 miles to hospital without medical records 28.10.2016

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