Investigators Leningrad region opened a criminal case into the death of a baby girl in Vsevolozhsk. According to preliminary data, the infant killed the ensign of Regardie living with the mother of the dead baby and was in alcoholic intoxication.

Currently, the alleged baby killer arrested. About it reports the official site of regional management SK the Russian Federation, without specifying place of work, the 33-year-old man.

According to preliminary data, eight-month-old Nastya Novikova died on November 29 in an apartment on the street Wokka in Vsevolozhsk. At that moment the child looked after the older children, aged five and seven years.

On the body of the deceased found traces of violent death. “Forensic examination showed that the child died from a brain hemorrhage after receiving blunt force trauma to the head”, – told in the investigative Department.

During the day, the investigators found that the crime involved not children, and 33-the summer ensign of Regardie Vyacheslav Gorbenko, writes 47news. Under the version of guards, he, being drunk, several times threw Cindy to the floor, then went to the store with her mother.

When the mother of many children Svetlana Novikova and her roommate returned around 21:00 home, the child was already dead.

Criminal case was originally instituted under part 1 of article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence”). But then it was changed to paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 (“Murder juvenile”) of the criminal code. Ensign of Regardie is threatened by punishment in the form of life term of imprisonment.

According to press reports, Gorbenko met Novikova on the Internet. In an intimate relationship they are in may 2016. The apartment on the street Wocka home to the suspect, and Svetlana a few days ago came to him to stay with the children.

At the time of the massacre Gorbenko quarreled with his beloved, and the youngest child interfered with civilian spouses to sort things out by crying. So the fighter of Regardie and started hitting the baby’s head on the floor.

Vyacheslav Gorbenko was born in Leningrad, where he lived with his mother in the dormitory of the factory “Neva” on the Industrial prospectus. The boy’s father went North and did not want to go back when Glory was three years.

After the army Gorbenko worked at an engineering company and then became a warrant officer in the commandant’s office of internal troops.

Vyacheslav was married but divorced, leaving his wife with two young children. During interrogations, Gorbenko tells investigators that visited the missions in hot spots in the North Caucasus.

He also admitted that he likes beer “Hunting strong” and complained of corrupt officials in the sanitary and epidemiological stations, which don’t bring the fleas in his apartment, writes 47news. Does this have an indirect relationship to the crime remains unknown.

Svetlana Novikova, a native of the village, Prisci Tver region. She went to school in Syasstroy Volkhovsky district. It is noteworthy that from Nastya after she was born Svetlana at first refused, but then changed his mind and took the baby with her.

Recall Regardie was created recently as a new elite police Agency. A decree on the establishment of the national guard on the basis of Interior Ministry troops, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 5 April 2016. Later it was announced that the new structure will be called Asgardia. It was headed by commander of the Internal troops, Viktor Zolotov, who previously headed the security service of the President.

Regardie were given powers that were Interior Ministry troops, Riot police, SOBR and MVD tssn. It was reported that employees of the new structure will be able to detain citizens, to check the documents, to cordon off the area, including the suppression of the riots. They are also allowed in case of an emergency to prohibit the movement of cars, to use cars of citizens to prosecute criminals, to enter a dwelling, to use force, special means and weapons. In the summer the state Duma has passed a bill allowing men to use weapons in the crowd, to suppress revolts in the colonies.

In the Leningrad region fighter of Regardie is suspected of killing eight-month-old girl 01.12.2016

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