Christmas is one of the major Christian holidays, comes for millions of believers. Together with the Russian Orthodox Church on the night of 6 to 7 January (in the Julian calendar, or new style) to meet Georgian, Serbian, Jerusalem, Polish churches, Athos monasteries, as well as Catholics of the Eastern rite (Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church) and some Protestants who adhere to the Julian calendar.

Shortly before midnight in the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church – the Cathedral of Christ the Savior – began on the night solemn worship dedicated to the great feast of the Nativity of Christ. According to tradition, it was headed by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The service was attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, reports TASS.

The presence of the state leaders on major religious holidays has become a tradition since 1992, when the first Christmas service was attended by President Boris Yeltsin. Medvedev regularly happens in the Church on major religious holidays. Usually Christmas and Easter he meets in the temple of Christ the Savior. He has been here on holiday services very early in his public political career in the post of the head of the Kremlin administration, then first Deputy Prime Minister.

However, the Prime Minister tries not to draw attention to their religious beliefs. “Personal religious feelings are hidden, this is their value, he said earlier during one of the meetings. – The Church should be in soul of each of us, each person has its way, we need to understand in itself, but the state should create the conditions to request the person to come to the Church was satisfied.”

President Vladimir Putin has again arrived for Christmas village Church in the Tver region where his parents were baptized

As notes “Interfax”, in the temple, decorated with white flowers and fir branches, thousands of people gathered.

Turning live to viewers before the service, Patriarch Kirill pointed to the fact that with the birth of Christ, peace among people becomes “the target and reality.”

“Sometimes we are in a very dangerous quarrels with people who
can bring genuine sorrow, suffering, and sometimes these quarrels
end catastrophically. Primarily the duty of each of us,
responding to the coming of the Savior into the world, to try to come to terms with our
enemies, it is wise to build relationships so that the world came to
place of quarrels”, he said.

Then, according to the Patriarch, will be more light and peace not only in
individual families, but also “in the life of Nations, countries and on our planet”.
He wished all to have peace in your heart and in communication with each other.
“I pray to stop war and internecine strife and
to the peace of God has become the heritage of all of us,” added Patriarch Kirill.

Christmas services are performed in all the churches and monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church in 70 countries. Total there are around 30 thousand. To see the Patriarchal service on the TV channels “First”, “Russia 1″, “channel five” and “Saved”, as well as on the official website of the Russian Church.

During the service recall the old Testament prophecies and events related to the birth of Jesus Christ. The story known from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew.

According to the gospel, Christ (translated from grecheskogo – the anointed one, the Messiah) son of Joseph and Mary who lived in Nazareth. About the birth of the son of God by the Holy spirit announced to Mary the Archangel Gabriel. Firstborn was born in Bethlehem that Mary and Joseph were visited during the census. On the future birth of the Savior in Bethlehem witnessed to the old Testament prophet Micah.

Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger, because in the Inn there was. To worship the Baby came the Magi, who place His birth pointed star. They brought Jesus gifts of gold (king of kings), frankincense (a fragrant sacrifice to God), and myrrh, which was used in the East for protection of dead bodies from corruption (as doomed to death, and smashed the power of death). Herod, seeing in the birth of Christ a threat to his power, which he seized in Judea with the support of the Romans, ordered to kill all infants in Bethlehem under two years of age. Meanwhile Joseph and Mary with Jesus fled to Egypt, where he stayed until the death of Herod.

According to the Evangelist Luke of Christ’s birth to the shepherds, the angels proclaimed: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!” These words have become part of one of the oldest chants of the Church.

Jesus brought to the world the good news of the Kingdom of heaven for the salvation of the human race, which spread the consequences of the fall, committed by Adam and eve. Through the death on the cross and resurrection of Christ redeemed the sins of the world and pointed the way to salvation from the captivity of the devil. Since the birth of the Savior and began a new era, the new era.

Christmas message of Patriarch Kirill

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has addressed to believers with the Christmas message on January 6 published the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“From the heart, which is full of joy made manifest in the flesh of the Son of God, speaking to you all and congratulate you on the joyful and life-giving feast of the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” the statement says.

Recalling that the birth of the Savior of the world occurred in the conditions of extreme poverty, the Patriarch emphasizes that “Lord of the Universe chooses not the Imperial Palace, the home of the rulers of this world, not the Palace of the rich and noble. He is not even in the hotel. The son of God is born in a cave for livestock, the cradle did He serve as a manger for feeding animals”.

“What poorer of the cave and that as humble as the clothes, in which shone forth the wealth of the Godhead? Electing for the Sacrament of our salvation last poverty… Christ deliberately does not accept those values that are considered very significant in our world: power, wealth, fame, noble lineage and social status. He offers us a principle of life, the law of humility and love that conquers pride and anger. Under this law, the weakness of the human, coupled with the grace of God, becomes the force that can’t stand in this world with authority and power. The power of God manifests himself not in earthly greatness and worldly prosperity, and in the simplicity and humility of heart,” it was later in the message.

“A wondrous feast of the Nativity reminds us of the need to relentlessly follow Christ, Who came that we might have life and have it abundantly (John, Chapter 10, verse 10), and Who is Himself the only true way and the truth and the true life (the gospel of John, Chapter 14, verse 6). And Yes do not frighten us inevitably encountered difficulties, and do not break any of us falling to our share of trials, for God is with us! God is with us, and from our lives out of fear. God is with us, and we gain peace of mind and joy. God is with us, and we with a firm hope in Him commit his earthly journey,” – said the Patriarch.

“Marching for Christ, the man going against the elements of this world. He is not subject to common temptations and destroys standing firmly on this path, the obstacles of sin. Because sin separates us from God and makes our life really bitter. It was he, obscuring the light of divine love plunges us into the manifold disasters and hardens our hearts towards other people. The same sin is conquered only by the grace of the Holy spirit which is given to us through the Church. The power of God, as perceived by us, transforms our inner world and helps in accordance with the will of the Lord to change the world of appearance. And therefore is eliminated in some way from the unity of the Church lose, like a withered tree, the ability to bear truly good fruit”, – emphasized in a festive message.

Special remarks from Patriarch addressed in the Epistle to the inhabitants of Ukraine. “Fratricidal confrontation that arose in the Ukrainian land should not divide the Church’s children, sowing in the hearts of hatred. A real Christian cannot hate nor near, nor far. Let these words of the Savior for all of us guidance in life, and let the anger and hostility to others will never gain a place in our soul.”

The Patriarch urged “all the children of the multinational Russian Orthodox Church especially to pray for a speedy complete cessation of hostility in Ukraine, about the healing of the wounds both corporal and spiritual, caused by war to the people.” Will in the temple and at home I sincerely ask this of God, we pray also for those Christians who live away from our countries and suffer from armed conflict”, – said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Putin again at Christmas came to village Church in the Tver region where his parents were baptized

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin takes part in the Christmas service at the Cathedral of the Holy virgin in the village turginovo Tver region, reports “Interfax”.

For members who also met the Christmas in this temple, the appearance of the President was a surprise, beforehand they were not warned about this.

Putin, going to the temple, came to the icon and put a candle. The President during the Christmas service have risen about children – pupils of spiritual educational center in the village. In a new built building for children will be conducted various activities, they will be able to attend clubs. On the ground floor for children include a gym, swimming pool.

In 2011, Putin also came to this temple, where his parents were baptized. He then presented the rector with an icon of the Intercession of an unknown master, Dating from the early nineteenth century.

First sources mention a wooden Church in the village of Turginovo in
the first half of XVII century. The first stone Church was built on this
place around the mid-eighteenth century. In 1911 there were baptized
the parents of Vladimir Putin, who is originally from these parts and lived in
the nearest villages, as discovered in the archives of the Tver
the field of confessional statements.

Also in the village is an old cemetery where grandma is buried Putin Elizabeth A. Shelomova.

Vladimir Putin regularly visits temples during the main Church
holidays. Last year he took part in the Christmas service at the village temple in honor of the Holy virgin, located near Voronezh.

The President also met Christmas in Sochi. In 2014, the President on the night of January 7, visited Sochi a new Church was built near the Olympic Park. In 2013, Putin attended Christmas service in the three-altar Church in honour of icons of the Mother of God “Peschanskaya” and “Vladimir” in the Trinity St. George monastery, located in the village of Forest Adler district. The year before he came to the festive service in the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in St. Petersburg, where he was baptized.

Putin attended Christmas service in the Church of the Holy martyrs Alexander and Antonina Roman in the village of Selishche, Kostroma region, Candlemas Church in the village of Straw in Karelia, in Prokopevsk a Cathedral in Veliky Ustyug, in the new Jerusalem monastery. In 2006 Vladimir Putin met Christmas in one of the churches of Yakutsk, where at that time stood 50 degrees below zero.

In the capital on 7 January, the head of the state was in 2001 at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and in 2000 – Putin, then acting President of the Russian Federation, visited the festive service in the Church life-Giving Trinity on the Sparrow hills.

In Christmas Church services in Moscow involved more than 350 thousand people

Night of worship on the Nativity of Christ on the night of January 7, 389 are committed in the temples of the capital. About this earlier said the Agency “Interfax” the head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky.

“It is expected the participation of more than 350 thousand people”, – he said.

According to him, after services and celebratory rites with everyone 1:00 PM January 7 to celebrate Christmas in one of more than 20 parks that offer Russian games, carols and Nativity plays, creative workshops for children, theatrical performances and concerts.

At the Manege square Moscow residents will be able to try a giant cake weighing over 100 kg and a diagonal of about three meters. The filling is made of apples, cherries and sour cream with sugar. Cooking the product is decorated with embossed the greeting “merry Christmas!”.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg for the first time since 1928, opened for the Christmas night service

The largest Orthodox temple of Saint Petersburg – St. Isaac’s Cathedral, for the first time since 1928 takes on January 6 the faithful for Christmas service.

Worship in the Christmas ceased in the Church after 1928 it was closed by the Bolsheviks. Current – will be done at the main altar of the Cathedral.

“After 1990 the Cathedral has been restored the service, Christmas was celebrated only at the morning Liturgy, the night was not, – said TASS, the sacristan of the Cathedral Archpriest Alexy (Isaev). – Night services were held on Easter”. According to him, the first believers came into the temple, they only expected a few hundred. The service will begin at 23:30 GMT, for the first time will involve a new great bell of the Cathedral is the Main Evangelist weighing 17 tons, set in November 2015 the bells of the belfry of St. Isaac, absent for more than 80 years, were restored Voronezh foundry according to drawings 1845.

The priest also noted that “in the last few months of service at the Church are committed every day, morning and evening, the number of parishioners is growing”.

Worship at St. Isaac’s Cathedral are, despite its Museum status. The Church building is owned by St. Petersburg, but under protection at the Federal level and included in the list of world cultural heritage UNESCO

More than 66 thousand employees of the Ministry of emergencies ensure the safety of parishioners at Christmas

More than 66 thousand employees of EMERCOM of Russia will ensure the safety of parishioners at Christmas. About TASS reported the press service of the Ministry.

“During the solemn divine services will be on duty firefighting outfits from the staff of the state fire service and fire and rescue units of EMERCOM of Russia. All in work will take part more than 66 thousand people will be involved 17 thousand units of equipment”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Ministry reported that the Supervisory authorities of the EMERCOM of Russia has registered and checked over 8 thousand temples and churches, which will be hosting the festive service. “All facilities are in satisfactory condition fire. In order to prevent emergency situations Ministry of Russia drew the attention of Ministers of churches to the observance of rules of fire safety during the festive divine services”, – said in the MOE.

In addition, the inspectors recalled the actions of the staff and parishioners during the evacuation in case of fire, showed how to properly use fire-fighting primary means.

In the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Savior performed Christmas service 07.01.2016

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