In one of the Moscow schools in the current academic year for pupils in the fifth class, without prior notification, their parents introduced the subject “Fundamentals of spiritual and moral culture of the peoples of Russia” (ODKNR), in which children are actually imposed on the study of Orthodoxy instead of the previously promised second foreign language, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“This year we got the schedule for the fifth grade and saw the obscure abbreviations without explanation”, – said the publication of the mother of one of the girls in that school Anastasia’s Cousin. According to her, children were divided into three classes – humanitarian, mathematical and information – and added three new lesson: elective courses, which the fifth graders became six lessons daily. “But the second foreign we school promised long ago, in the main schedule got in,” said the woman.

Mysterious acronym ODKNR out to be a common subject for all three directions. The words of the interlocutor of the newspaper, school this subject with parents is not discussed, but the textbooks children home did not give, because “difficult,” however, at some point, the son of her friend was able to take a book from class and brought it home. “And it turned out that we secretly slipped the Law of God! Tutorial with a temple on the cover was called “Orthodox culture” and the school we did not even bother to tell us,” said Cousin.

“Everything was covered with the name of the object, where there is no mention of Orthodoxy, she said. I opened the textbook on page 45 and saw the text: “Call the episode of Sacred history, test yourself by reading the texts from the Bible (Exodus, Chapter 20, verses 1-17). Examples from the Sacred history of the old and New Testaments”. This is the fifth offer!”

According to her, the teacher told my parents that “religious obscurantism is not here, pray do not force anyone, not my only set-off will take”. And for those who don’t like the proposed study according to the “completely secular” textbook “Origins.”

On the cover of this tutorial is two children, who gaze up at the temple, and the course focuses on seven “phenomena of the Russian culture and the Russian way of life”, which include “ideals and values”. One of your sections is called “the Plow and the ax as the main tools of the Russian peasant”, is allocated four lessons to “attach a student to the major horizontal social values of the Russian civilization”. Also in the tutorial there is a section “Icon of the Holy Trinity”, which tells about “the unity, inseparability, naselennosti, netmarket, heavenly peace,” the article reads.

“When I realized that in 2016, my child has four hours to explore the sacredness of the plow, went to the head teacher. Wrote a statement demanding to transfer the daughter to distance learning on the subject,” – said the Cousin.

Previously, “Kommersant” reported that the subject “Orthodox culture” in the near future can appear in all schools of the country, and its course is all the training – from first to 11th grade. According to the publication, last week, the Russian Academy of education quietly launched the process of absentee voting for the project of this course.

At the same time head of information service of the Synodal Department for religious education and catechization of the Russian Orthodox Church, father Gennady (Voytyshko) told reporters that the teaching in Russian schools of a course on “Orthodox culture” within the subject ODKNR will not be mandatory. About the same hastened to declare in the Russian Academy of education.

In the fall of 2015 the Department of education has launched in 33 schools pilot project for the study of ODKNR, then parents were encouraged to choose between the two books – “Orthodox culture” prepared by the Professor of the Moscow state regional University Lyudmila Shevchenko, and “Sources”, was developed by members of the public organization Russian Academy of natural Sciences (RANS), often criticized by scientists.

The program “Sources”, as stated, “is aimed at revival of the original context categories and values that have developed in our country on the basis of Orthodox culture”. According to the website “gazety”this program is also being implemented in many schools in Belgorod and Vologda regions.

In the Metropolitan school instead of a second foreign language secret have introduced the study of Orthodoxy 30.11.2016

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