After completion of rescue operations at the mine “Northern” in Vorkuta, where the mountain strike killed 36 people, authorities said a fourth explosion. It happened the evening of 28 February. The cotton was twice as powerful as the previous one, but people at this time under the ground was gone. Meanwhile the neighbouring mine checked for possible damage.

Another explosion was stated by acting head of militarized mine-rescue unit EMERCOM of Russia Vladlen Aksenov, reports TASS. “Control of the atmosphere showed that on 28 February at 22:24 GMT in mine has had gas-dynamic phenomenon, its power was two times higher than in the case when the rescuers were injured (night of 28 February),” said an employee of the Agency at the operational meeting.

According to Aksenov, the people at this time in the mine were gone. Search and rescue operation on mine “Northern” have stopped after the third explosion and death of emergency workers.

25 day of February in the Severnaya mine in Vorkuta at a depth of 748 metres of collapsed rocks. At the time of accident in mine there were 110 people, 80 of them have reached the surface, and four found dead. Under the ground were 26 miners. Was organized large-scale special operation on search.

However, in the night of 28 January during the rescue, another explosion occurred, which killed six people – members of the Pechora paramilitary mine rescue squad of the EMERCOM of Russia, five injured. After that, the Bundles declared killed 26 miners who were considered missing, saying that they had no chance of survival after the third explosion. Thus, the total number of victims has reached 36 people

After the explosions at the “Northern” experts of Rostechnadzor started to check all the mines in Vorkuta. According to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, while no data about the damage to adjacent mines from the “North” no, but all of them are checked.

In the MOE reported about the fourth explosion at the mine “Severnaya” 29.02.2016

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