Last weekend, on 22-23 April, the Moscow mayor’s office held a closed meeting with representatives of the councils and prefectures, which, in particular, was discussed the question about the reaction of officials to the protests of residents in connection with the announced program of renovationinvolving the demolition of the Metropolitan Khrushchev. This reports the Sign with reference to attending the meeting the interlocutors.

According to the publication, the main speaker from the municipality at the meeting were Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova. She made a speech in which he noted that the program of demolition of five-story building is in Moscow for 20 years, but the mayor “the first time I decided to ask people who want to move and who is not”. “It is important that, when on 10 may will be published the lists of demolished houses, there was no scandal,” she said.

Sobyanin has supported the idea of construction of wooden houses in Moscow

“All the negativity on the opposition, he invented. By the end of July the theme of renovation, the need to repay, must remain the only topic where someone is moving. And those who are in the program not included, will bite elbows. It is always necessary to do something scarce, our Soviet people love the deficit,” continued the Vice-mayor of Moscow.

While Rakova warned that some people who move in will attempt “to abuse the right to demand to show all the options, to swear, whether rozetochku whether the large bathroom,” and that to succumb to such pressure was unacceptable. “This is not a program for the improvement of living conditions, this program reduce the emergency Fund. The improvement of housing conditions only waiting, even if only ten families live in the apartment, though TB patients. Otherwise the whole program will fly by,” continued the Vice-mayor.

In his speech, Rakov reminded the officials about the municipal election, which will be held in Moscow in a single day of voting in September. According to her, governments need to make lists of names of people who come to vote for Pro-government candidates.

Rakov gave the example of municipal meeting of area Shchukino, where in the fall of 2016, the opposition formed a majority, and “now, out of the constant cries”. “Moscow is a big village, as soon as in any district there are two or three opposition MP, a scream is heard in the city about the problems, it immediately takes on an urban scale”, – said Vice-mayor. “And then we will have the election of the Governor and can get the issue of the municipal filter. It is a question of our future work,” – added Rakov.

On Thursday, April 20, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on the demolition of “Khrushchev” in Moscow. Supported document 397 deputies out of 402 votes, four voted against and one abstained. About the program of renovation of talking after the meeting, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Russian President Vladimir Putin on 21 February 2017. On the meeting the head of state gave on the programme. At the same time was discussed, and what money it will take to program, and its legislative aspects.

In the Moscow city hall at a closed meeting on the demolition of Khrushchev discussed the struggle with the opposition 25.04.2017

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