Investigators of the Moscow region opened a criminal case on the fact of double murder, committed in the village of Kratovo Ramensky district. There’s a man killed with a knife the neighbors, drinking buddies, and then committed suicide.

“The investigative Department of the city of Ramenskoye of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow
area brought criminal case on signs of the crime
under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two persons”)”, – quotes “Interfax” the press service of the Ministry.

The investigation began last Wednesday when in one of the houses in the village
Kratovo were found the bodies of men and women with signs
violent death in the form of stab wounds to the neck and chest. In
the next house was the corpse of another man.

“As established by the investigation, between neighbors of the specified village in
the drinking of alcoholic drinks there was a quarrel,” – said in GSU SK the Russian Federation. One of the drunk men stabbed neighbours who from the got injuries died on the spot.

After the murder, the attacker left the scene, returned to his
home and, according to preliminary data, has committed suicide.

We will add, over the past few months Kratovo was already in the Newspapers. In June, the big resonance was caused by the murder of several persons committed by 49-year-old summer resident and a retired employee of the Ministry of emergency situations Igor Zenkov.

10 Jun Zenkov opened fire on passers-by from the window of his house. The result was four people dead and four soldiers of Regardie squad “Bulat” was in the hospital with injuries.

In the negotiations, the man did not engage and was thrown in the arrived at the scene commandos firecrackers or grenades. The special operation to neutralize the offender lasted seven hours. It was headed personally by the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Despite this, the attacker managed to break through the cordon. He was shot dead later in the woods after chasing with the participation of hundreds of security forces and armored vehicles.

Under the rubble of a house of former lifeguard was discovered an Arsenal: Mosin rifle, Walther flare gun, sawed-off double barrel shotgun, submachine gun Shpagina (PPSH) rifle Peabody-Martini rifle Arisaka, grenades RGD-33, M24, and M39, two mortar mines of caliber of 50 mm, a smoke, a mine of caliber of 82 mm, two rifled barrels, fuses, shops, two shells 150 mm artillery.

Neighbors mentioned psychological instability or disorder “Kratovo arrow”. So, he accused one of the neighbors that he built the house too high, which covers the sun. Another neighbor Zenkov supposedly disliked because he opened the garage, from which came the noise.

According to neighbors, Zenkov lived apart and closed, dug up and restored found in the forests of WWII weapons. Presumably, part of the Arsenal he brought back from trips to Chechnya or Afghanistan.

Investigators, however, did not confirm the information about the conflict arrow from the neighbors.

Bully, wounded a knife of the passenger subway, got 17 years in prison

In Moscow, the court considered another criminal case initiated on the fact of the stabbing. In this case, two of the three victims, among whom were passengers of the Moscow subway, managed to survive.

It is established that on the night of 14 February 2016 the accused Evgeny Sokolov, being in an alcohol intoxication, on the train during a stop at the metro station “Dobryninsky” the ring line of the Moscow metro attacked one of the passengers. Deciding to kill him of hooliganism, an attacker “struck the victim a single blow in the lumbar region”. But a wounded man managed to run out of the car and escape, note the investigators.

“Continuing the criminal acts, the falcons the same night in close proximity to public transportation stops “Metro Perovo” in the course of a quarrel that arose on the basis of personal hostile relations that have caused two previously unknown men stabbed in the area of vital organs”, – informs the official website of the RF IC.

From the received wounds 27-year-old victim died at the scene. A 31-year-old victim was taken to one of the capital’s hospitals, where he was promptly given medical assistance.

During the preliminary investigation, the falcons refused to admit guilt. The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of 17 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

The RF IC does not focus on the fact that all the victims from the actions of “bully” Sokolov were migrants. At station “Dobryninsky” the attacker struck in the back of a native of Tajikistan, when he came out of the car. The victim only managed to see cleaning in a bag folding knife young man.

Eyewitnesses called the bleeding Mansour Murodova ambulance. And the culprit, as the press wrote, disappeared into the crowd.

In Perovo same falcons attacked the natives of Kyrgyzstan, causing them injured by a knife-“butterfly”. The press wrote after the attacks that the police are looking for a “serial cleaner”. But the official message of the RF IC, there are no hints that the falcons could act on motives of xenophobia.

In the Moscow suburb of Kratovo man killed two neighbors and then himself 14.09.2017

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