Investigators in Novosibirsk region have opened murder of the motorist, who was traveling from Primorsky Krai in the Kuban bought in the far East machine. As it turned out, the man stabbed his companion, who liked the car.

At present, the suspect in the murder detained. Also found the corpse of the victim, according to the official site of management of SK Russian Federation across the Novosibirsk region.

The investigation began after July 10, 2016 to the police Department “the city” MO the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia “Kargatskiy” Novosibirsk region the inhabitant of Krasnodar territory. She explained that her husband 28 June 2016 flew from Sochi to Vladivostok to buy a car. Then the man was going to overtake the purchased transportation in the black sea on their own.

Having moved back to purchased the car, the man telephoned her relatives and reported their whereabouts. Last time he said he was passing on the territory of the Novosibirsk region. After that, the motorist did not come out.

Analysis of billing information, videos and witnesses suggested that the inhabitant of Sochi has become a victim of criminals. In this regard, a criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

“The search for the missing was focused staff of territorial bodies of internal Affairs, located on the route searched”, – informs the official site of GU Ministry of internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region.

In mid-September, the police of Novosibirsk received information about the discovery close to the track “Irtysh” on the territory of the Tatar district of the corpse of a man with signs of violent death. In place immediately went investigative team.

“The disclosure of the crimes connected the most skilled employees of criminal investigation Department of the Moi of Russia in Novosibirsk region, which in a short time managed to establish the identity of the deceased. It was them 45-the summer inhabitant of Sochi, including missing,” added the police.

In the future, “was established the persons involved in the disappearance of obscure men, carried out searches and inspections of areas where could be stored the cars, the property and funds of the victim.”

Also managed to arrest the alleged killer. They found 29-year-old resident Zdvinskogo RAJJONA NOVOSIBIRSKOJJ oblasti. The man was already brought to trial for robbery, robbery, and twice for intentional infliction of harm, including causing the death of the victim.

Installed that on 4 July 2016, the suspect stopped the car of the victim and asked him for a ride. EN route, the passenger decided to take control of someone else’s car. Then he struck the driver several stab wounds and the body was carried out of the car and hid in the bushes near the highway.

According to the published HR operational shooting, the production of the criminal became popular in Japan, the Nissan Serena minivan.

In the Novosibirsk region solved the murder of a resident of Sochi, overtaking the car from Vladivostok 05.10.2016

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