The Ministry of culture of the Omsk region commented on the scandal with the cancellation of the play “Jesus Christ superstar” in St. Petersburg theatre “Rock Opera” in Omsk state music theatre. As said the publication of the”” in the Ministry of culture, the decision is made by the distributor, not the Director of the Omsk theatre in connection with the pressure “Orthodox activists”, as the press wrote.

Perhaps the show just didn’t pay off, assumed the office. The Ministry of culture noted that the Omsk theatre would not cancel the screening of the play, as he was not interested in the loss of income from the rental site to rent.

“This play third-party distributors, talking about the rental sites. The reasons why the Bank refused, it’s a private matter. Maybe he tickets are sold”, – said the consultant working with the media, the Ministry of culture of Omsk Andrey Maslov, adding that the site makes no sense to abandon the show – the theater has a state assignment in which he must earn money.

Eve media wrote that the show, which was show on November 1, was cancelled in connection with the complaint of the regional branch of the movement “Family, love, Fatherland”, which stated that “rock Opera is an ongoing blasphemy and violation of sacred meanings; contains mockery of the faith and blasphemy against the Holy images, that is direct blasphemy, and even the very title of the play is a mockery of sacred concepts.”

With this explanation and believed in the theater “Rock Opera”. “Nothing inappropriate, we do not carry. I think everyone knows this show, which is already 30 years old. I think that in addition to positive emotions and educational direction in this performance nothing. We just put before the fact. And we accept this decision. What do we do? We can’t break in there where we do not want”, – said the Deputy Director of the theatre Tamara Malysheva, quoted by NTV.

Director, lead soloist “Rock-Opera” Vladimir Dagansta Xenia Sudan, in turn, said that the Director of the Omsk theatre scared that he would “suffer the fate of Mastic, and of course, he told the distributors to remove the billboards”. We are talking about the scandal in Novosibirsk with the operas of Richard Wagner’s “tannhäuser”. In early 2015, the Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon considered the production of “violating the rights of believers” and asked the Prosecutor and the regional legislative Assembly. The Prosecutor’s office opened administrative proceedings against the Director of Novosibirsk state Opera and ballet theatre Boris Mezdrich and directed by Timothy of kulyabina. However, later the case was dismissed for lack of corpus delicti, however, the Mastic in the scandal resigned from his post.

Omsk mass-media remind, that last year, despite the protests of “Family, love, Fatherland”, the performance was shown at the Concert hall of the Omsk Philharmonic. This year, according to press reports, the activists wrote appeals to the Governor of the Omsk region Viktor Nazarov, in the Ministry of culture of the region and the Russian Federation, to the Prosecutor of the region and to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. In the complaints, the activists urged officials to “consider the religious and national interests of the citizens and to take steps to reduce social tension”. In addition, the activists filed in the administration of Omsk the notice of the meeting devoted to this topic.

The representative of the Ministry of culture of Omsk confirmed “the” that the activists appealed to the city administration, however, noted that “the musical theatre to the administration of the town is a little less than nothing, it is the regional institution.” “We have received some inquiry, I do not remember from whom, after we had information that the performance was cancelled because the distributor refused, and for what reasons, we did not specify,” – said the source publication.

Rock-Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” was written in 1970, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim rice. A year later it was put on Broadway. In the Soviet Union the Opera was staged for the first time in early 1990 by the St. Petersburg theatre “Rock Opera” on the stage of Palace of culture named after Lensovet.

In the Omsk Ministry of culture the cancellation of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” explained unsold tickets 18.10.2016

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