Odessa district court of the Omsk region sentenced an elderly local resident found guilty of killing his common-law spouse. Causing the man a mortal wound, the intruder managed to make peace with him. Roommates went to bed together, after which the victim died from his wife in his arms.

According to the court decision a woman will spend in jail for 7.5 years. To serve the sentence she will be in the correctional colony of General regime, writes local newspaper “the Flame is always with you”.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the crime was committed after a heavy alcoholic libations. Drunk man jealous common-law wife of one of the companions. When the guests left, the roommates began to sort things out.

A man insulted a woman with obscenities. In response, the pensioner stabbed him in the thigh.

Consumed alcohol apparently acted as a pain reliever. The participants in the quarrel did not attach importance caused by the wound and bleeding. The couple reconciled, and then went to sleep.

“Woke up the woman in an embrace with the corpse. The man died from heavy internal and external bleeding,” reports the Flame is always with you.”

In sentencing the judge took into account the age of the defendant as mitigating circumstances.

In the Omsk region the pensioner who was sleeping in an embrace with the corpse of her husband, got 7 years for his murder 28.09.2016

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