Kuvandykskogo district court of the Orenburg region sentenced a 30-year-old local resident, who organized a Scam to sell tickets for the concert of the musical group “Hands up”, although the musicians were not even going to come to Kuvandyk.

According to the decision of the Russian Themis the scammer will spend behind bars for two years. To serve his sentence he will be in the correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official website of the district court.

As additional punishment the court has restricted the freedom of the convicted person for another year. Also fully satisfied the civil claims of the victims.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in the period from 14 to 22 June 2016 earlier judged inhabitant of Kuvandyk district “misled Director of the house of culture (DK)”. The attacker told her that supposedly is representative of the musical group “Ruki vverkh”, which is going to be 3 July 2016 concert in Kuvandyk.

Conman verbally agreed with a female Director on provision of a concert hall and ticket sales at the box office. The fraudster then came to the city Mednogorsk, where “misled K., ordering printed products: letterheads tickets for the band concert and leaflets containing false information”.

Then the scammer gave the DC administrator 114 tickets for realization in cash for a total amount of 113 886 roubles. Another 107 tickets in the amount of 106 893 rubles was transferred to the saleswoman in a shopping kiosk for the same purpose.

“They deceived the seller pasted on public transport stops 13 flyers” – said in court.

But then the fraud was discovered by the DC and the Department of culture. On the band’s official website information about the concert in Kuvandyk was absent. The administrator of the house of culture became suspicious and contacted the real representatives of the orchestra, which announced that the performance in Kuvandyk not really planned.

When the police identified the suspect in the Scam, he’s already gone from Kuvandyk. However, the man was detained on 26 June at the station Buzuluk.

An attacker confessed to the crime. For tickets to a nonexistent concert he managed to bail out of 135 thousand rubles. Taking 58 thousand rubles, he went by train from Kuvandyk to Sochi in order to rest at the resort. During the arrest the suspect was in possession of only 26 800 rubles, the rest he managed to spend.

Employees of Department of inquiry criminal case under article “Attempted fraud”, according to ria56.ru citing police Kuvandyk.

In pre-trial proceedings, the suspect confessed to the crime, fully agreed with the charges against him and expressed remorse.

The case was heard in a special manner. The court took into account that at the time of the crime the man had a conviction. In addition, he embarked on a criminal path shortly after his release from prison.

The the verdict is not yet. On 17 October, the convict filed an appeal with the Orenburg regional court, as he believes set his punishment too harsh.

In the Orenburg region crook, who organized the sale of tickets for the concert of pop group “Hands up” received 2 years of strict regime 28.10.2016

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