Law enforcement bodies of the Orenburg region are searching for a convicted robber who made an unprecedented escape from a correctional colony of special regime “Black Dolphin” (IR-6). There are serving sentences of serial killers, cannibals, terrorists and other dangerous criminals.

In search announced Alexander Alexandrov, born March 24, 1984 in the village of Medvedka of Totsky district of Orenburg region. He has Russian citizenship and was in the house N21 on Quay street in the village of Medvedka, reports the official site of regional management of the FSIN.

According to the penitentiary Department, Alexandrov escaped on 22 October at 17:05. At that moment he was in the workplace at the facility for the production of cinder blocks. In respect of Alexandrov acted relatively mild regime. The prisoner worked on the site of a penal colony established by IR-6.

It is known that Alexander Alexandrov was sentenced Totskiy district court of the Orenburg region on 21 March 2012. The man was found guilty under part 2 of article 162 (“Robbery”) criminal code and sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment. The penalty was calculated on 11 January 2012 and was to expire July 10, 2017. Thus, to release Alexandrov was only a few months.

Signs of the fugitive: he 30-35 years, growth 158 cm, an average Constitution, the person oval the European type, a slanted brow, eyes light gray, the lips are of medium thickness, chin straight, short straight dark hair. On the right foot and the left hand have scars after cuts. Hand applied tattoos in the form of the letter “C”.

Fku IK-6 UFSIN Rossii po orenburgskojj oblasti – penal colony of a special regime for life-term prisoners located in the town Sol-Iletsk next to lake Collapse. This is the largest colony of its kind in Russia. It is designed for 1600 people, and the staff colony of about 900 people.

The colony got its name for built in her yard fountain with a sculpture depicting a black Dolphin. Alexandrov to anyone of the prisoners IK-6 have not been able to escape. Only in 1960 was an attempt to make a tunnel in the industrial area, but it “just stopped”, said chief of socio-psychological work with prisoners IK-6 Pavel Prikhodko. His words were cited by the newspaper “the Bulletin Encouraging”.

In the “Black Dolphin” are strictly prisoners are isolated not only from the outside world but also from each other. The cells contain two to four people, but there are also solitary. One of them sits the Ogre from Chuvashia Vladimir Nikolaev.

Prisoners are under constant surveillance, light in the camera never turns off. Convicts lead on the interior with bandages on his eyes, ostensibly to ensure that they do not remember the layout of the jail.

Every 15 minutes the cameras are on duty. Chamber size is 4.5 square meter, says in the film National Geographic. And the prisoners are separated from the doors and Windows of massive steel bars. Thus, the chamber is a cage in a cage.

“Rebel makes no sense. The farther away from freedom,” spoke about his time in the “Black dolphins” student chemist Oleg Kostarev, entered the neo-Nazi group “Spas”. He was condemned for having built a bomb and in August 2006 blew it at the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow. Then 14 people were killed, including two children, and another 47 people were injured.
6-IR traces its history from the time of Empress Catherine II. After the suppression of Pugachev’s rebellion of the exiled robbers began to send to Orenburg salt mines. “Strong walls in the Orenburg steppes were equally true to all Russian sovereigns,” wrote the “Bulletin Encouraging”.

Prisoners IK-6 have become the culprits of many terrible crimes. In this colony got Mr Mukhonkin, who called himself a pupil of Chikatilo killed eight people. And convicted Vadim Yershov escaped from the army and killed 19 people, slit their throats. Ryl’kov Oleg from Togliatti raped 37 girls, and four children brutally murdered. Ahmed Ismailov was convicted for the bombing of the government building in Grozny – there were 83 deaths, reported “Ukraine criminal”.

In “Black Dolphin” was transferred and geek Tula Ivan Ivanchenko, who killed a woman with three young children and their grandmother.

In the Orenburg region of the colony “Black Dolphin” for the first time a prisoner escaped 25.10.2016

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