Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Orenburg region
visited on Monday, October 3, national Park
“Orenburg” in the Belyaevsky region and participated in the production of six
Przewalski’s horses from the acclimatization enclosure in the floor of the steppe,
to lure them out of the cage oats.

In this reserve implemented a program to recreate populations of horses
The Przewalski is a subspecies of the wild horses that live in Asia. The horse was
first described by the Russian traveler and naturalist Nikolai
Przewalski, later named in his honor, and later included in
The red books of Russia and the International Union for conservation of nature. As
according to RIA
, the staff of the center for the reintroduction of the horse
Przhevalsky had to release the animals on the reserve, which
situated in belyaevskiy and Akbulaksky area.

Here’s how agencies Interfax and TASS describe
the process of releasing animals: “Putin together with the leaders of the reserve
approached the gate of the enclosure where the herd. In the hands of the President
it was a bucket of oats harvested for bait horses. However
the animals were not in a hurry to get out of the familiar cage on them
uncharted territory. The most ambitious was the Mare Lavender,
the latter came out the leader. Although the staff of the reserve warned of
fear of wild animals, horses behaved with guests in a calm and

The journalist of the Kremlin pool, special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Smirnov has posted a Twitter video where the Director of the reserve “Orenburg” Kafil Bakirova in the presence of Putin in front of television cameras explains the behavior of animals: “Horses came out surprisingly quickly and quietly. First came a Mare named Lavender she is the most courageous and the most curious of all animals. Behind her came the rest of the Mare, but paused and looked to how to behave in the stud. The stallion remained the longest in the paddock, he is very careful, he was afraid of any danger.”

Putin in the reserve near Orenburg: “for the first time in history there was a release of Przewalski horses into the wild, it’s a success!”

In the Orenburg reserve Putin a bucket of oats enticed into the steppe a herd of Przewalski’s horses 03.10.2016

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