The U.S. Senate eliminated the technical shortcomings in the bill on a new package of sanctions against Russia and sent a document to the house of representatives, Reuters reports. MPs can consider the initiative after 10 July, when I come back from one week holidays on the occasion of the celebration of U.S. independence Day (July 4).

In the course of modifying the instrument of sanctions has not undergone any significant changes, said Senator Ben Cardin. Earlier, on 15 June, the Senate almost unanimously approved the new bill. For the initiative voted 98 senators, against – only two.

After this it was reported that the document submitted to the house Committee on foreign Affairs. However, there the initiative was faced with a procedural problem. The congressmen found that the document violates the requirement in the US Constitution that the laws that increase government revenues, should be initiated by the house of representatives, not the Senate.

Due to this error, the initiative could indefinitely be in limbo. But in the end the document was sent for revision. Now the defect, hindering the direction of the bill in the house of representatives, corrected.

It is expected that consideration will take place after the meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia Donald trump and Vladimir Putin in Hamburg, 7-8 July summit of the G20. Before the press spread rumors that trump could use this meeting with Putin for easing sanctions.

The bill approved by the Senate, involves further expansion of sanctions against Russia and Iran. In particular, the document envisages the reduction of the maximum term of market financing of Russian banks under sanctions, up to 14 days, of the companies subjected to the oil and gas sector – up to 30 days. In addition, within 180 days after the introduction of the amendments, the head of the U.S. Treasury must submit to Congress a report describing the possible consequences of the expansion of sanctions on the sovereign debt of Russia. The document also has a provision that prevents the President of the United States Donald Trump to weaken or abolish the measures without congressional approval.

In the package of anti-Russian sanctions the United States has made “technical” changes – it can be considered after the meeting, trump and Putin 30.06.2017

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