In the Paris-Orly airport police killed attacked a patrol man. The airport is a special operation, passengers are asked to remain calm, to avoid this area, according to the Twitter of the national police.

TV channel BFMTV reports that the man is rapidly attacked military and tried to snatch one of their weapons. Witnesses reported sounds of gunfire. Later the police said that the attacker was shot dead. It is assumed that he acted alone.

The incident occurred in the South terminal of Orly, the second largest airport of Paris, France, located 20 km South of the capital, reports TASS.

The terminal building was completely cordoned off, all inside the people evacuated. There were sent to special police.

The airport was closed for landing planes, but passengers from them is not allowed in the terminals, said BFMTV.

Later, a spokesman for the interior Ministry saavy reporters that as a result of attack nobody suffered. In the terminal building started operation engineers, who must ensure that the killed were not suicide belt.

In the Paris-Orly airport police killed attacked the patrol man 18.03.2017

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