Irkutsk police returned the young musician was stolen from him by a string-bow instrument. Viola violin was discovered in the hiding place in the city Park. The attackers stole a tool from a foreign car, smashing the vehicle’s window.

Currently, police are trying to identify those involved in the theft of a musical instrument the soloist of the Symphony orchestra, reports the official website of the regional Moi.

The victim is 20-year-old from Irkutsk appealed to the duty of the police on 28 November. According to the musician, from his car by unknown stole valuable stringed instrument. It happened when the young man visited his parents.

Arrived on a scene employees it is investigative-task force found that the attackers smashed the rear window of the Subaru and took out of the car “case, which was an Alto cost about 50 thousand rubles, produced by the master on special order”.

In search of a stolen police immediately inspected all the nearest outlets involved in buying second-hand items, and pawn shops. The law also “interviewed citizens, previously convicted for property crimes, and soon received operational information indicating the intended location of the viola.”

“According to our information, the perpetrators of a theft, I realized that in their hands was a valuable thing handmade and personal stamp of the master, which is easy to sell will fail. So I decided to hide it for some time,” said one of the operatives that were involved in the search.

According to him, “in the process of hard work was discovered a hiding place in Central Park in the city of Irkutsk”. There was found missing Alt.

The artist did not expect the police so quickly return to it “working tool”, made by master from Angarsk Oleg Zaharovym.

“From viola all my life. The fact that I have 14 years doing music and I am currently undergoing professional training in the class of viola, while playing in the orchestra, – says the owner of the tool Ilya.- Soon we should have a concert where I would not be able to participate if not for the guys from the police. So, when I was already two days after the theft, was called by the investigator and invited to come to the police Department N7 to pick up the viola, I literally almost went crazy with joy!”

The musician thanked police, and they advised him “never to leave valuables in the car”.

In the Park of Irkutsk found a cache of viola stolen from a soloist of a Symphony orchestra 01.12.2016

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