Narovchat district court of the Penza region issued on 1 November, the verdict in the criminal case against M. A. Melnikova. She was found guilty of the murder of his wife. The instrument of punishment was the axe-ax.

The decision of the Russian Themis Melnikova restricted freedom for a period of one year and six months. When sentencing as a mitigating factor the court took into account the presence of a dependent of the accused four young children, reports the official website of the district court.

It is also considered an admission of guilt and remorse Melnikova, voluntary surrender, active contribution to solving the crime, the lack of aggravating circumstances.

It is established that the Melnikov lived eight years with her husband M. For this length of time the man “was systematically abused alcohol, scandals and quarrels for any minor reason, was subjected to Melnikova M. A. physical violence and also expressed her serious verbal abuse, wearing a humiliating nature.”

Family, the tyrant threatened his wife with physical violence, “resulting in Melnikova M. A. has developed long-lasting traumatic situation.” Previously M. had been repeatedly convicted, including for threatening to kill and beating a young child Melnikova from his first marriage.

On the day of the murder, a drunken M. with the aim of bullying demanded Melnikova “find” him a cigarette. The man knew that smokes in the house no. After the failure of women to obey the man gave another argument, started to insult her, including in the form of a foul. Then the head of the family with the force pushed her towards the wall. Melnikov hit his head on the wall and fell to the floor.

“At this point, the defendant, under conditions of prolonged traumatic situation, it is the condition of strong emotion,” – said in a press release.

Seeing a nearby cleaver, Melnikova “took him in hand, and, with intent to kill, inflicted several blows with the edge of the cleaver on the head. M” From the received traumas the victim died.

The woman was charged with part 1 of article 107 of the criminal code (“Murder committed in a condition of suddenly arisen strong emotional excitement (affect) caused by violence, mockery, heavy insult by the injured, as well as prolonged traumatic situation that arose in connection with the systematic unlawful or immoral behaviour of the victim”). The defendant faces a sentence of deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years.

In the Penza region a mother who killed her husband with a cleaver, got 1.5 years of restraint of liberty 02.11.2016

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