In the town of Tchaikovsky of the Perm edge, the Director of the gymnasium Marina Rusinova forced to leave two cancer patients students of the institution. The Ministry of education and science of the Perm region in the course of the inspection confirmed the facts of pressure on the girls ‘ parents, according to the Perm website with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

“In the course of an official investigation confirmed the facts of administrative pressure on the girl and her family from the school administration”, – stated in the message. The Ministry of education promised to take “strict measures against the Director of the school”, without specifying which ones.

One cancer the student who successfully passed the exams for ninth grade, the Director of the gymnasium Marina Rusinova offered to take documents from school and go to another school, explaining to his mother that “in the gymnasium have to study physically healthy and intelligent kids”.

“Under pressure from the Director’s mother wrote a statement and took the documents. But the girl decided to write about this situation on social networks and defender of the rights of the child in the Perm region”, – told the Agency.

In the same situation, and was a pupil of the fifth class. Now both girls have moved to other schools, “parents are satisfied with the transition to another school, and the adaptation of children pass successfully,” the Ministry noted.

“Rusinova sure, technically she did nothing wrong, the mother wrote a statement myself. She said in all media. Headmaster is the Chairman of the Duma Tchaikovsky urban settlement and tries to present it as a political action against it, – reads the statement of the Ministry. The Ministry of education and science of the Perm Krai takes a tough stance and believes that the Director has committed an immoral act”.

According to provincial officials, the Director was supposed to pick up the optimal training plan. Currently in high school with verification is the children’s Ombudsman of the Perm edge Paul Mikov, who had previously failed to find the orders of dismissal of children.

The dismissal of the Tchaikovsky school of two students of the senior and middle levels reported on 11 October, the website “Tchaikovsky the news”. The reason was that during the year the students were treated at the cancer center of Perm, and after leaving the hospital were homeschooled. In the summer of 2016 before the new school period, the students were denied education, the Director referred to the fact that they are “ruining the performance” school.

According to the newspaper, a high school student in tears begged Marina Rusinova to keep him in school. Later, the same publication quoted the story of the mother expelled the girl who is studying in fifth grade: “the Child after chemotherapy, lame was a bad leg, now she is again in a cast. Of course, to a child’s illness added stress about moving to a new school. Since the appearance of my daughter has changed a lot, she was very nervous, as it will be in the new team. I asked Marina to leave us, to be condescending to us, so we at least adapted, rose to his feet to hair, and then the daughter could easily go to another team. We have not heard”.

The Perm region Prosecutor’s office still conducts the test, reports TASS. By words a press-the Secretary of regional office of public Prosecutor Yulia Gainanova, the results will be within the Crescent. In addition, the situation keeps control of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

As validated by the Commission on Affairs of minors and protection of their rights to the city of Tchaikovsky (Perm region), any documents on the expulsion of the girls from the Director were received, so technically the fact of the expulsion is not confirmed.

In the Perm Krai government condemned the headmaster for expulsion of two students with cancer 18.10.2016

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