In children’s programs that show on Russian television, can return the is. This step should be economic incentives for channels to put on the air more children’s content. The decision to develop the relevant amendments to the law “On advertising” and to submit them to the state Duma was taken at a recent meeting of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Alexei Gromov, told the newspaper “Vedomosti” a source in AP.

As it became known, back advertising in children’s programs proposed by the President of the National Association of broadcasters Eduard Sagalaev. He confirmed to Vedomosti that it was his initiative and it was approved at a meeting with Gromov.

The prohibition to place advertisements in children’s programs operates in Russia for more than 10 years. By law, commercial videos can be shown either prior to the beginning of such transfer, or immediately thereafter, the duration of the rollers depends on the length of the cartoon or films.

According to Sagalaev, TV channels had to reduce the number of children’s programs in the air because of the inability to earn advertising. In the amendments it is always possible to prescribe categories of goods that are allowed to advertise while showing those same cartoons, and which are not, to protect children from inappropriate content, said Sagalaev.

Deputy Minister of communications Alexei Volin agree with Sagalaeva that the channels are not economically motivated to show children’s content. “On the other hand, the production of such content is growing, the demand for it too. Now, in times of crisis, the channels have to count every penny, and the state can take care of additional incentives for them,” he said.

In recent years several attempts have been made to mitigate these limitations. So, in 2012 the Ministry of communications has managed to increase the duration of commercials before the screening of children’s programs and beyond. In 2014, the state Duma discussed the draft of the amendments, but then several of the committees voted against it.

In the President’s administration approved the idea of a return to advertising in children’s programs 19.10.2016

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