In the Pskov region, which took 45th place ranking drinking regions of Russia, abolished the penalties for the manufacture, sale and purchase, storage and transportation of alcohol products of home making, including moonshine and home brew. The deputies of the Pskov regional Assembly Wednesday, 23 November, adopted the relevant amendments to the regional law “About administrative offences in territory of the Pskov region”, reports the Agency FlashNord.

Amendments to the law made by the Governor of the region Andrey Turchak. After the adoption of article 2.12 of this law is recognized as invalid
force. So far the production of homemade alcohol, as well as vehicles
to develop one punished with a fine in the amount of four thousand rubles,
sales – fines in the amount of five thousand rubles, and re-commit
an administrative offense – a fine of seven thousand

The current legislation of the Russian Federation does not contain direct prohibition on
moonshine, although the production of it for sale can be regarded
as illegal business, working without a license and illegal
sale of goods, free sale of which is restricted, and punished in
by the administrative code.

As noted by “Pskov tape
, the purpose of the amendment was to bring regional
legislation into conformity with the Federal position and the Supreme
court of the Russian Federation set out in its determination
from 7 October 2015. Then the sun, having considered the complaint on
similar penalties in the Samara region, agreed that the regional
a rule is contrary to Federal law.

As explained by the Pskov deputies of the Chairman of the Committee on
economic development and investment policy Andriy Mikheyev,
the legislator, establishing responsibility, should not interfere with or
spread at the regional level rules of the jurisdiction
only the Russian Federation or the joint jurisdiction of the subjects of the Russian Federation.
“Administrative responsibility under this article was introduced in
the act exceeding the competence,” he said.

November 22, amendment considered by the Committee on legislation and local
self. The draft law was developed on the basis of expert
advice from the office of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation for the Pskov region from
On July 22, 2016.

Note that in the published today the ranking
sobriety regions of the Russian Federation, which was a Federal project “Sober
Russia” expert-analytical center under the Public chamber,
Pskov oblast is at 41st place on alkoholisierung with
degree of sobriety 35,84 points.

However, critics of this ranking indicates just what it is not
count illegal sale of alcohol. Director of the research Center
Federal and regional alcohol markets Vadim Drobiz in
comments Life said that the rating “is wrong”.

“It is unclear how a year could change radically
position. Kuban for the year fell by 59 positions, Moscow has dropped from fourth to
28-e a place, Peter fell to 25 items. Cannot take place in a year of such
deterioration of the situation. I’m not talking about the fact that there is
official statistics, which does not account for the illegal sale, and their
in our country very much” – said the expert.

According to Drobeta, all regions drink about the same, if you count
the amount of alcohol consumed per capita, and this figure, according to
his opinion would be more correct the rankings.

In the Pskov region cancelled the fines for production of moonshine 24.11.2016

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