In the Pskov region law enforcement officers prevented the suicide of a young man who announced his suicide on the Internet. He was inspired by the resonance and attention that got shot police teenagers from the Red Planes. On a large-scale operation on Sunday says the website SU IC in the region.

According to the announcement, the monitoring of social networks in the bodies engaged in connection with the incident at the Strugi Krasnie. There, on 14 November, armed with two 15-year-old schoolboy was broadcast last minutes of life online, including shooting at police and later killed himself. PE has received the big public resonance, and observers suggested that a few could have been savedif I talk to them a professional negotiator.

This tragedy can’t be prevented. But the next day, November 15, militiamen found the user in the countdown daily announced his imminent suicide, appointing him on November 20 – the day of his birth.

“The same day was set up operational headquarters with the participation of heads of regional departments of internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee and the administration of the region held wide-ranging measures to establish the identity of the young man, his IP address and physical location. The problem is substantially complicated by the fact that the young man had no permanent place of residence and actively move around the city. The operation involved more than 200 police officers, investigators of the Investigative Committee and officials of the regional administration,” according to the website SU IC.

On the night of November 20, 2016, when a young man went to the place of Commission of suicide, he was found and detained. After interrogation he was placed in a psychiatric hospital where, as it turned out, he is on a dedicated account in connection with a mental disorder.

At his place of temporary residence searched, but their results in the UK are not reported.

“During interrogation the young man admitted to suicidal intentions prompted his much-heralded the death of teenagers in p. Strugi Krasnye… Investigation Department urges citizens to pay attention to the behavior of their relatives, friends and strangers not only in life but also in social networks because of the attention, as already shown by the last example, allows not only to identify individuals who are prone to suicide, but to prevent the tragedy. If any such signs immediately to inform in law enforcement bodies”, – stated in the press release of the Investigative Committee.

In the Pskov region was saved from the suicide of a follower of teenagers from the Red Planes 21.11.2016

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