The General Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands said that the investigation did not receive primary radar data for the Boeing 777 crash
over the Donbas. About it the representative of the Minister WIM De brown said
answering the question of Kiev “Radio EC – of the European station,” according to
the Ukrainian edition of the”European

“No, we still have not received anything from Russia. No information
this reason they did not give us. Yes, we do know about the alleged
the existence of radar data, but, like you, in
the Newspapers, public statements by representatives of the Russian Federation”, – said
the representative of the Prosecutor General of the Netherlands.

However, the Ministry is not going to publicly refute the statements
representatives of the foreign Ministry. “We don’t have to deal with. It is a matter of the Ministry of foreign Affairs
Of the Netherlands”, – added in Prosecutor’s office.

Meanwhile, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, albert Koenders said,
that this is not the time to take action against Russia, despite
the conclusions of the investigators. Last week he held a meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, but it was about the fact that Moscow is trying to question the legitimacy of the investigation, and not about to put upon it the blame for the lost plane.

From published by the international investigation team report
was that the plane was shot down from PKR “Beech”, delivered from
the territory of Russia. The launch was carried out from agricultural fields
near the village of Pervomayskaya, which was under the control of separatists
Donetsk people’s Republic.

The Russian side, criticizing the report of the international investigation team,
insisted that objectivity should be taken into account
information from radar, meaning made on 26 September statement
Of the Ministry of defence that is located in the Rostov region “Utes-T” is not
recorded closer to the plane of any aerial objects from
the Eastern regions of Donbass.

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry called
the report biased and said, “We hope that after
the Russian side handed over to SSG such indisputable evidence,
as the primary radar data, and each specialist
it is clear that this is the most that neither is a proof, the situation
will change the final conclusions of the investigation, in contrast to
preliminary, will become objective truth, and finally point to
the real culprits of the tragedy.”

The Kremlin said,
that the findings of the investigators cannot be considered a “final truth”, and
before the report emphasized,
“it is impossible to make any conclusions without considering the latest information
which was published by our military, namely primary data
radar, which recorded all aircraft or objects
that could start or be in the air on-site
controlled at the time by the militia.”

The Ministry of defence said,
“presented to the world public data of the Russian radars in
traffic situation the day of the crash on 17 July 2014,” and added:
“These data it is impossible to refute – only to confirm
similar data air situation with Ukrainian radars”.

In the public Prosecutor’s office still has not received the data of the Russian radars in the case of the crash of MH17 06.10.2016

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