In the Moscow Scientific research Institute of eye diseases named after Helmholtz reported improvement in the patients, which, according to the previously leaked information in the media, lost his sight after the injection of the drug “Avastin”. The Institute leadership has questioned the quality of the entered drugs, not the clinic.

On the stabilization of patients ‘ condition reported the chief doctor of the Institute. Helmholtz Marina Kharlampidi. “All patients who got complications after the introduction of the drug “Avastin” September 26, is out of surgery and feel well” – is a statement of the head physician on the website of the institution. The report did not specify on what exactly the complications involved.

According to Kharlampidi, for clinics the main thing now is to provide injured patients with all possible assistance. For this purpose, the most effective treatment methods and high-tech equipment. And we can speak about positive dynamics, the eye condition has improved significantly”, – noted the chief doctor.

Kharlampidi, said that all the victims were shot “Avastin” patients “with severe progressive diseases of the eye, was at the dispensary, and some of them had different groups of disability.” “The appropriate treatment they were shown, as this is the only way to stop the progression of the disease,” – said the chief doctor.

Thus, Kharlampidi stated that it occurred almost simultaneously massive complications in patients talking about the need to check the quality of the drug. “This test currently passes, and final conclusions can be made only according to its results”, – she explained.

At the same time, Kharlampidi gave to understand that the clinic staff had every reason to apply the “Avastin for treatment of their patients. “I would also like to note that this drug recommended by the world health organization for the treatment of these diseases, the who experts acknowledged that use of the drug greater than the risk of side effects with the drug inside the eye,” concluded the doctor.

In the day, when the press spread the message about the blind patients of the Institute, the press Secretary of the clinic Fatima Kocheva said that the victims were operated on after the onset of complications and is now recovering. “Funny, running through the corridor,” said Kochneva. According to her, the clinic has used the drug for many years, but with the loss of vision from it have not yet encountered.

The UK and the manufacturer of the drug have a different version

On the eve of the Investigative Committee informed on excitation of criminal case in connection with the received information in the media about the loss of vision in several patients of the Moscow research Institute of eye diseases. Helmholtz. The case was brought on signs of the crime under part 1 of article 238 of the RF criminal code (Rendering services not meeting safety requirements).

According to investigators, in September in the small operating room of the clinic of eye diseases, located on the street Suvorov in Moscow, 11 patients were rendered medical service that does not meet the security requirements of the health consumer. It is established that the victim held unregistered in accordance with the instructions on the application of intravitreal (eye) injection of the drug “Avastin”, which came partial loss of vision, have explained in SK.

In the company “Roche” producing “Avastin”, the version of the investigators actually confirmed. The firm reported that the drug is not registered for use in ophthalmology. The assurance of the representative of “Rosh” in the instructions for use there is a warning that the drug is not intended for intravitreal injection (method of administering drugs by injection directly into the vitreous body of the eye. – Approx. In addition, the company had previously informed the health Ministry about the cases of patients with heavy defeats of organs of vision in the application of “Avastin” for unregistered indications in ophthalmology. The company promised to contribute to the investigation of the situation with the loss of vision in treated in the clinic of eye diseases named after Helmholtz.

The investigative Committee drew attention to the situation in the clinic on September 30, when the resonant story of lost sight patients hit the media. The head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova gave Roszdrava order to carry out an inspection on this fact.

The information that nine people went blind after research Institute. Helmholtz they made a shot, “Avastin”, extended Life. The portal noted that after the onset of complications, the hospital staff took patients the tests and began to investigate the cause of vision loss. According to one version, in cones with the drugs they were injected with, could be some infection was noted in the message.

Also, the publication mentioned that the cost of one injections of “Avastin” – 10 thousand rubles, this drug is a cheaper analog of other medications, one dose of which costs patients 50 thousand rubles. Both drugs help with retinal detachment, but the difference between them is only in a manufacturer, the source said Life in the medical community. Get the shot, “Avastin” only in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, noted in the article.

In the research Institute. Helmholtz reported improvement in the patients without disclosing the nature of the complications with their eyesight 04.10.2016

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