The Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of Moscow Patriarchate (DECR) Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk spoke out against the wording that ties the religion, including Islam, to terrorism.

“In recent years we have faced unprecedented onslaught of terrorism, which many mistakenly called “Islamic” or “religious”. Many people are convinced that the terrorists who are doings in the middle East today, in other parts of the world, commit their atrocities because it teaches them religion. In fact it is not so” – said the head of the DECR MP in an interview to the portal “Interfax-Religion”.

He is convinced that it is neither Islamic, nor any other of terrorism in the name of religion.

“No religion teaches to kill people, commit crimes and terrorist acts. Some substitution takes place when people commit crimes, use religious slogans for their justification and for recruitment into their ranks. That is, we can talk about religious terrorism, and terrorism under religious slogans, that people commit crimes, blasphemous under the guise of the name of God and
religion”, stressed the Orthodox hierarchy.

According to him, recently one theologian in conversation with him, challenged point of view on what is “religious terrorism.”

“For us, the religious scholars, he said, Wahhabism and Satanism is also a religion. We do not think so: there is religion, and there are antireligion. We, Orthodox Christians, interact with the religious traditions, meet with Muslims, Buddhists, Jews. But we’re not going out with Satanists, cultists and do not meet with terrorists. We do not conduct a dialogue with them. I think you are well aware that dialogue with terrorists there can be only one – destroy them. Other drugs, unfortunately, this plague against humanity not found,” – says the Metropolitan.

In the ROC against the use of the phrase “Islamic terrorism” 30.05.2016

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