Chairman of the Synodal information Department of the Moscow Patriarchate (SINFO) Vladimir Legoyda expressed on Friday, the perturbation of the incidentthat occurred in a Moscow school with a girl suffering from down syndrome. Parents of students required to re-release the cool photo album due to hit there picture of a sick child. According to him, the incident demonstrates the moral disease of Russian society.

“Parents who do not wish to see even in photos, the daughter of a teacher of their children just because of the fact that she has a congenital disease, in my opinion, live in a kind of ignorance, not realizing that at any moment can appear in the same position”, – quotes on Friday review of Lagoudi the portal “Interfax-Religion”.

As stressed by the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, the one who deprives others of equal value with ourselves and our children, “he soon finds himself stripped of their human appearance, although appearance may seem quite similar to a healthy person”.

“The worst thing that is absolutely legitimate, insensitive attitude to other people’s problems or misfortunes of others, the unwillingness to let into your life is transmitted from parents to children, and we get a vicious circle,” – said the head of SIPO, pointing out that some students also spoke out against the presence of the daughter of the teacher in the classroom during class, copying the mannerisms of their parents.

According to Legoyda, modern school in fact ceased to be a place of moral education, but some teachers condemn the teaching of “Fundamentals of Orthodox culture”, “designed to fill the moral lacunae of modern education”.

“The lessons of “Basics of Orthodox culture” would – perhaps for the first time, as shown by these cases, is to know that people who have not given you what you have, can be treated differently- with love and mercy. If we cannot achieve this, then soon all of each other povydergivat cool from magazines and from their own lives, so we won’t have nothing to do, as animals of different species,” he concluded.

In the ROC are outraged by the incident with a sick girl, took place in one of Moscow schools 23.10.2015

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