The Rostov academic drama theater. Gorky will present the new season of the biographical drama “Stalin. The watchmaker” on the play of Vladimir Malagena. Artistic Director of the theatre Alexander Pod says that it is very “clean, accurate, honest, human and relevant” play.

“I think that today, when the country from all sides clamped into the enemy’s clutches and repeat what happened before the war with the Soviet Union, there is a pressing need for state brilliant leader, a leader who could unite the nation and to respond to the challenges of time. The play is seen as a confession of the hero’s Mausoleum, the hero, ready to stand before God’s judgment and the Court Time. In fact, we have seem the monk-monarch, the ascetic, the man is a very complex character who has chosen the way of selfless and disinterested service to his country” – are his words on the website of the theater.

The play is so liked Pudino that he intends for the first time himself to write a play for theater. Gorky. In an interview to”Komsomolskaya Pravda” the Director said on stage, in addition to Stalin, will be his wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva, daughter Svetlana and son Vasily, and Zhukov, Beria, Voroshilov, Poskrebyshev, and others. And each will present their own expense.

“He will explain his position, which is at odds with the image familiar to the layman. Agree: it is often measured, often condemned, especially if you take recent years, when criticism against Stalin left a huge amount of literature and journalism. In fact, this is the confession of the leader from the rostrum of the Mausoleum. There will be located the same place of a skull, from which he will be given the opportunity to go and to tell, who is he and what is, what was merciless, which United the country, making Russia great, and as he did,” explains Pod. In his version Stalin would claim his father and God.

The Director keeps the name of the actor who intends to entrust the main role in the secret. According to him, this is a known actor, who “feels inside” of Joseph Stalin – “there is his life, actions, character.”

The premiere is scheduled for spring 2017.

In the Rostov theatre will present the play about Stalin – monashestvujushchim monk 01.11.2016

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