The President of the Russian Academy of education (RAO), Deputy Chairman of the Society of Russian language and literature Lyudmila Verbitskaya believes that the novel of Leo Tolstoy “War and peace” should be deleted from the curriculum, as well as some works of Fedor Dostoevsky, while a course of Orthodox culture and the study of the Bible, from her point of view, would be useful.

In interview to Agency “Moscow” Verbitskaya expressed that the exam was mandatory. “Because you don’t know the literature is simply impossible, it means to deprive yourself of the immense cultural formation. In addition to the knowledge of the basics of the Russian language and mathematics and literature are also required. But soon this will not do, because right now we are thinking of how to enter the oral part of the exam on the Russian language. To literature hands do not reach yet”, she explained.

“I am absolutely convinced that from the curriculum “War and peace” by Leo Tolstoy, as well as some novels by Fyodor Dostoyevsky to be removed. This is a deep philosophical works are discourse on various topics. Not to understand their entire depth”, – said Verbitskaya.

“I believe that the curriculum should include works of spiritual literature, but you need to decide which. The Bible, I think everyone should read. This spiritually-moral education, moral Foundation. So, such a course necessary. But, of course, the study must be voluntary,” the President added RAO.

According to Lyudmila Verbitskaya, the pupils of the Sunday schools: “they are different and definitely were not worse than their peers from the fact that I listened to the sermon.” “The only thing you need to make the language of the Church became clear to everyone. We have a service in old Church Slavonic and old Russian languages, and the sermon in Russian. It seems to me that in this case necessarily have to be a translator,” she added.

In the Russian Academy of education proposed to remove Dostoevsky and Tolstoy from the school curriculum, replacing them with the Bible 30.09.2016

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