Secretary of the Union of journalists of Russia Timur Shafir condemned the trick of the master of NTV Andrey norkina, who during the broadcast on 28 September was expelled from the Studio of the Ukrainian political analyst Sergei Zaporozhye and called him a sheep. About it reports “national news service”.

According to Shafir, despite the differences in the positions of the discussions and the severity of the problem, the behavior norkina is unacceptable and unethical. “We can only regret that in his career happened this episode,” said Shafir, noting that the Zaporozhye may refer to the Commission complaints of the Union.

The broadcast of “the meeting Place” on TV channel NTV on September 28 was devoted to the investigation of the death of Malaysian Boeing in the Donbass. In a conversation with one of Norkin argued that international investigators of ignoring the arguments of Russia. At some point, he said the version that the plane was shot Ukrainian jet fighter, made by Russia, and an American blogger.

In response to this the analyst Zaporozhye invited to the Studio as an expert, said Norcio. In the words of the TV presenter about the Ukrainian fighter Zaporizhia simply said, “No!”. Norkin broke: “Look, I don’t need to treat me, huh?” “It is necessary, because you’re cheating,” replied the Zaporozhian.

After that Norkin with the words “come outside” pushed the Ukrainian political scientist from the Studio. “So, Every sheep will teach me… I have 26 years in journalism work,” he explained after the incident with Zaporozhye the act Norkin gathered in the Studio. Later the whole incident was cut from the broadcast of NTV and posted on YouTube.

Alexei Navalny, commenting on your site trick once respected Russian journalist, noted that Norkin “first lies, and then expels from the Studio who had caught him in a lie”. Pro version that Malaysian Boeing was hit by Ukrainian aircraft” was the OFFICIAL version, considering the RF IC and all the fabrications about “captain Voloshin” still hang on their website“.

And the most disgusting, Bulk stresses, the motive lies norkina. “He’s just a scoundrel with a mortgage. His former colleague Vera krichevskaya it beautifully: he said: “Norkin yesterday kicked rudely from the Studio of Ukrainian expert… Actually, I remember that we mortgage Norcino restructured (I am personally in the office Bella Zlatkis Sberbank) in 2010… In theory he is, if not won, had to somehow get out of a situation when it is necessary to serve, SO losing human dignity…”

“I started out in 2010, so gets out so far. Already lost human form, but still shakes grizzled head and exclaims, trying to portray the long lost dignity: I have 26 years in journalism! Dear Andrey Norkin, you so shout the next time I Have a mortgage, went out of the Studio! Three years to pay, and then for the car fees. Out, out, out!” – summarizes Alexei Navalny.

Andrey Norkin started journalism in the early 1990s. Initially he worked on various radio stations, and then moved on to NTV, which at that time belonged to Vladimir Gusinsky. Then Norkin went through a few TV channels and radio stations. In the spring of 2014, he supported the annexation of Crimea, and then condemned the journalists of “Rain” kind of poll about the siege of Leningrad. After it became known that he started working on NTV, editorial policy which has changed dramatically over the past 16 years.

In the Russian Union of journalists condemned the trick of the master of NTV Andrey norkina, who was kicked out of the Studio expert and called him a sheep 30.09.2016

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