The Saratov oblast court sentenced three former guards – 41-summer Vadim Dolgov, 31-year-old Alexander Berezhnovy and 35-summer Vitaly Boldyrev, which were found guilty of beating a prisoner.

The decision of the court of the Debt and Berezhnov will spend behind bars for four years, and Boldyrev 3.5 years. To serve the sentences they are in a correctional colony of General regime, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

Also the court has deprived of the former employees of the Federal penitentiary service of the right to occupy positions related to performance of the functions of the authority for a period of three years.

As appears from criminal case materials, on 21 November 2009 Debts, being at that time Deputy chief of one of the correctional institutions of Saratov, was in the room of the colony. There he “gave instructions to subordinate staff Berezhnova, Boldyreva and another unidentified employee about the illegal use of violence against 32-year-old convict who arrived in the colony to serve their sentence”. These guards had beaten a prisoner with hands and feet, hitting him on different parts of the body.

“In the framework of a criminal investigation investigators made a representation to the chief UFSIN of Russia across the Saratov region, indicating the need to strengthen the control of the respective units of the control over observance of the rights and guarantees of prisoners”, – stated in the press release of the RF IC.

Criminal case “upon the Commission of wrongful acts to a third unidentified employee of a correctional institution is allocated in separate production”.

And Dolgova, Berezhnova and Boldyreva incriminated the item “and” part 3 St. 286 the criminal code (“Excess of powers of office, entailed substantial violation of rights and legitimate interests of citizens, committed with application of violence”).

The defendants in the criminal case about the crime of seven years ago were strongly opposed to the investigation, did not admit guilt and hid evidence of a crime. However, they still failed to convict in the beating of a man.

Add that the convicted officers worked in the IR-10 on Securicom tract. And the beating of prisoners in this colony has become the subject of litigation, and with the participation of international bodies.

So, in December 2014, the European court of human rights has accepted for consideration the complaint of a deaf inmate Viktor Panov. In November 2009, after transfer in the IR-10 his unconscious beat condemned for refusing to “put your hand in the toilet and wash the bathroom floor”, writes “the Media”.

In the complaint, gentry noted that one of the striking strokes, he was chief of the section of discipline and order, and the officer “observed the scene and laughed.” The health care provider in the colony refused to record the bruises on the body of a deaf convict and put him in the hospital.

The next day Panova was beaten by prison staff for refusing to wash the floor: instead, he demanded a medical examination. From beating the man lost consciousness and when he came to himself, felt the right leg.

Torture as a norm

The sentence employees IK-10 made on the background of the scandal around colony No. 7 in Karelia, where is serving a sentence Ildar Dading, was sentenced to three years for violating the rules of holding rallies. Dading said through his lawyer that he and other prisoners were tortured. These data confirmed by other sources – former prisoners of IK-7 and their families. Stories about staying in this prison was published by the news Agency Meduza.

According to a former prisoner Zamira Brueva, everyone who came to the colony “close in ShIZO (penalty isolator) to show where he was even if not for that.” Prisoners are beaten regularly, several times a day. But to bring a man almost to madness, and suicide attempt, not necessarily to beat him.

“In the cooler is the 14th camera – says another former prisoner N. Between detainees call it “torture”, although any camera is torture. But the 14th is the furthest, and others simply will not hear what is happening there. When winter comes, there turn off the heating, open the door to the street and leave you in your underwear sit. Can pull into the yard – 25 degrees of a frost, and you sit there for six hours”.

To get to the cooler and get penalties – simple. “You have a day to live, to avoid even the smallest faults, says former prisoner M. – let’s Say prisoners go to build – a job or a divorce – they have no right to look at the sides or smiling.”

In the colonies, have been convicted, which help administration, – “activists”. They have the right to give “kopeck piece” – two hours of penalty work on weekends. “I have used 30 hours “dvushek” typed nonsense: she turned, smiled, said Hello, out of order,” – said M.

The right to punish other prisoners is used for extortion of money, cigarettes and food. “If “activist” is not pleased, he complains to the administration that you supposedly violated the regime, and you will be sent to the punishment cell,” concluded M.

In the Saratov region, the employees of the FSIN, who beat a prisoner who got 4 years in prison 18.11.2016

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