Users of social networks in the evening of 25 October reported a drop in Buryatia unidentified flying object. Heavenly body, luminous green, falling for a long time and silently, allowing the observers to make photos and videos.

“From the sky silently falling large comet (maybe a meteorite), which burned a bright green fire. Five-six seconds because of the powerful flash was as bright as day”, – quotes “Baikal-info” is a typical message about the incident.

The people also reported seeing a flash in the sky over Katuginsky tract, over the region center and the North-Eastern shore of lake Baikal.

“Currently, we are studying the message about the incident. To understand whether it was a meteorite, we need to see the records DVRs. Also have to figure out the angle of incidence, I flew there this celestial body toward Earth, or, conversely, catching up with our planet. Also a big issue, arrived this object of Solar system or not,” – said the”AIF” Irkutsk astronomer Dmitry Semenov.

Now scientists say that, judging by the green light in the fall, a falling object had great speed.

However “Argus TV” brings a more prosaic version, the appearance in the sky of Buryatia bright car coincided with the launch of the military Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-18.

“Russian strategic rocket forces conducted a successful test launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile UR-100НУТТХ (RS-18) deployment area Yasnenskaya missile compound of the Orenburg region”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of defense, referenced in the channel.

As passed by the Agency TASS, the military reported the successful launch of the rocket, in the area of combat field Kura in Kamchatka was delivered military equipment.

Missile RS-18 is one of the most advanced Intercontinental ballistic missiles of Russia. Its creation began in 1967 in the design office MPO Engineering, located in the Moscow suburb of Reutov. Adopted December 17, 1980. Under the missile silo created a launcher increased security, as well as a new set of tools to overcome missile defense.

In the sky of Buryatia saw the object with a green glow, perhaps Intercontinental ballistic missiles (VIDEO) 26.10.2016

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