In St. Petersburg, the incessant snowfall has become the cause of a record number of accidents and congestion on the roads. The townspeople helped to push uwazajcie in snowdrifts buses and taxis. Network spread photos and videos of St. Petersburg, visualaudio vehicles from snow captivity. One of the carriers concerned even thanked for the help.

On Tuesday, November 8, in St. Petersburg recorded the highest number of accidents. By mid-afternoon (13:00), there have been 73 accidents reported to”Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in STSI in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. For the past day to the point in the Northern capital has recorded 536 road accidents, which injured 13 people. Just STSI has received 915 applications in connection with the accident, whereas on 6 November in the office came 423 such treatment.

St. Petersburg division of the EMERCOM of Russia reported yesterday that in connection with the projected adverse weather conditions is in the mode of increased readiness. Rescuers warned residents of the Northern capital about the need to observe safety measures when the snow drifts, black ice and strong wind.

In different parts of St. Petersburg citizens were trying on their own to pull the transport from the formed snow drifts. So, on the Petrograd side, the students were pushing the bus, who failed to depart from the stop. The joint efforts of the teenagers caught on video, which by the time of this writing, gained almost 70 thousand hits.

In addition, in a side passage of the Sofia streets passers-by pushed the stuck ambulance, reported Gazeta.SPb.

Also at the intersection of Avenue of Cosmonauts and street Tipanova passengers were pushing the bus to help him move on. “Passengers taking himself”, – joked the author of the relevant post in the group “accident and emergency. Saint Petersburg,” the social network “Vkontakte”.

In the same group it was reportedthat at the intersection of Industrial Avenue and highway Revolution, the passengers are pushed out of the snow the minibus.

Local carrier passazhiravtotrans even thanked citizens for “help in freeing bus from snow captivity on the city streets.” “The company thanks the passengers and passers-by for help and compassion,” said the press service. “Passazhiravtotrans” noted that the bus company moving with an increased interval due to congestion on the roads.

In the snow-swept St. Petersburg, students had to get the bus out of a snowdrift (VIDEO) 09.11.2016

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