In the Muslim South of Thailand in Pattani city at the night market, an explosion occurred. Killed a woman and 18 or 19 people were injured in a bomb explosion at a shop selling noodles, reports Channel NewsAsia.

According to Thai newspaper , Thai Rath, published a list of the 17 injured, the explosion occurred around 19:00 local time (15:00 Moscow).

“Killed one woman, injured 19 people, including a Thai Buddhist”, – reported in police Pattani AFP, referred to by Channel NewsAsia. The bomb was planted near the counter with noodles, the woman was killed, the scene cordoned off, investigation, reports Reuters.

AFP photographer claims that injured several people looked very dangerous to life. Makushita noodle was destroyed by the explosion.

Unlike explosions, which occurred in Thailand in early August in the resort of Hua hin, the incident occurred at the “extreme South” – the Muslim outskirts of the Kingdom, the border with Malaysia, where a special regime of security and practically no foreign tourists.

Malay separatists are fighting for autonomy, working to establish a Sultanate in the three provinces – Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat. During the conflict in firefights and explosions killed more than 6 600 people, mostly civilians.

Date explosions are not accidental. The incident coincided with the anniversary of the death of dozens of Muslims in a clash with Thai security forces.

The incident in So BAE

The Thai military on 28 April stormed the mosque, KRU Se, where he was hiding 38 of the rebels. Most of the terrorists were shot in the head, while others were subjected to torture in captivity and was executed.

This event led to protests, October 25, 2004 in the town So BAE on the border of Thailand and Malaysia, the unrest, which resulted in a mass arrest. Related military protesters were severely beaten.

Detainees stacked in several layers piled into trucks and taken to a military base. The trip was postponed not all. Just this day killed 85 Thai (ethnic Malay) Muslims, most of them suffocated in the truck after the crackdown. The then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra explained the deaths of the weakness caused by the need to fast during Ramadan.

The military junta that came to power in 2014, has announced that it will resume peace talks with Muslim rebels, but had no success. In the province of Pattani in late August, occurred a series of explosions, in tak Bai in Narathiwat province exploded parked at school a motorbike.

In Thailand even offered to build along the border of the 640-kilometer-long wall to stop the rebels, who plan their attacks in Malaysia.

In the South of Thailand at the night market, an explosion occurred, one person was killed, 19 injured 25.10.2016

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