Early on the morning of September 29, 14 citizens of the Central Asian States escaped from the temporary detention centre for foreign citizens in the city of Gatchina in Leningrad region, reported the regional interior Ministry. According to police, workers dismantled part of the wall of the detention center and fled through the passage formed.

As a result of operative-investigative activities police detained six of the fugitives and returned to the Dorm. The search for eight more foreigners continue, the report said. Parallel security forces are investigating how the migrants managed discreetly from employees of the detention center to escape in the spirit of “the Count of Monte Cristo”.

Meanwhile, in recent years, from different regions of the country come reports of mass protests residents of detention for foreigners arrested in Russia for violating immigration laws and be deported to their homeland.

So, in the beginning of this week in the media appeared information about the hunger strike of 100 illegal immigrants at the centre for temporary detention of foreigners in the Orenburg region with the requirement to allow them to use mobile phones, selected after transfer of the functions of the abolished Federal migration service of the Ministry of internal Affairs. However, the regional police information about the hunger strike is denied.

In late August, it was reported that the spetstsentr in the village of Vardan Lazarevsky district of Sochi 108 people went on hunger strike in connection with delays deportation proceedings for transfer of the migration service of the interior Ministry, as well as problems with nutrition and failure in handling cameras from bedbugs. The police, however, said that the hunger strike was not, and was only the appeal of residents of the centre to the Prosecutor.

Earlier in the same month, two dozen foreign workers staged a four-day hunger strike in an overcrowded detention centre in the town of Artem, Primorsky Krai in protest for months waiting for the deportation.

In the spirit of “the Count of Monte Cristo”: a dozen migrants escaped from the detention center near St. Petersburg 30.09.2016

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