In St. Petersburg, Petrogradsky district administration has banned organized civil initiative “Living library” meeting in the library named after V. I. Lenin with the participation of homosexuals, sex workers, childfree, and an ex-con, announcing that “family library” is not suitable for such events, reports the Agency “Rosbalt”.

The project “Living library”, which has a restriction of 18+ and is aimed at the development of tolerance in society, involves open meetings with people who are perceived controversial in society and the discussion needs to debunk the stereotypes surrounding them. These people in the project called “books,” and came to a meeting of citizens – the “readers”. “Between “books” and “readers” of the dialogue, during which the stigmatized identity, find a voice, and other people become more sensitive to diversity in the world,” explain the activists.

“This time we tried to negotiate with the library. Lenin on the street voskova, d. 2 in St. Petersburg for holding a Living library on November 20. But the project coordinator has received from its representatives the following message: “saw the list of books with management. Question was raised as four “books”: the sex worker, childfree ex-convict and a homosexual. We would be grateful if you accept our intolerance in these matters, and these “books” we will not.” On the phone the coordinator of educational programs Margarita Alex said that these restrictions do not come from the library, and the administration of Petrogradsky district,” – said on the page “Living library in St. Petersburg,” the social network “Vkontakte”.

The organizers also said that the proposal to arrange a meeting with a representative of the administration coordinator has refused, having referred to strong employment: “I have a lot of projects for kids to do.”

Activists said that met in St. Petersburg for nine times, including in September at the Center for art and music library named after V. Mayakovsky was successfully conducted meeting with the gay, childfree, an ex-con and a sex worker.

The representative of the Lenin library Margarita Alex explained it this way: “At the library Mayakovsky other discipline. They submit to the Committee on culture, and we report directly to the administration of the Petrograd district”.

Civil initiative “Living library in St. Petersburg” has demanded explanations from the administration of the Petrograd district on the prohibition of the meeting.

The Agency “Rosbalt” in the district administration confirmed that the “not made good” on it. “It’s a family library, and the themes are on the verge of violating Federal law protecting children from harmful information. We can’t control the observance of legislation in this format in an open area, so the event can take place”, – said the press Secretary of the administration of the Petrograd district Natalia Yakovleva.

We will remind, the Federal law “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development” was adopted in 2010. It provides several levels of restrictions, in particular for children under six, 12 and 16 years. The most severe – a complete ban of movies or books to minors. To obtain a marking of “18+” book or the film have to “encourage children to commit acts posing threat to their life and (or) health” to be “can cause the desire to use narcotics, psychotropic and intoxicating substances, tobacco goods, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products”. In addition, the marking “18+” applies if the goods “denies family values, promotes unconventional sexual relationships and creates disrespect for parents and (or) other family members”.

The law punishes “disseminating information aimed at the formation among minors of nontraditional sexual attitudes”. For propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among children for citizens installed fine from four to five thousand rubles for officials – from 40 to 50 thousand rubles for legal entities – from 800 thousand to one million rubles.

In the St. Petersburg library was prohibited to meet with a homosexual, a sex worker, childfree, and an ex-con 28.10.2016

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