The American side provided information about bombed in Syria hospitals: the state Department accused this aircraft Syria, or Russia, and the Russian defense Ministry suggested that hospitals exist only in the imaginations of Americans. RIA “news” in this case indicates that the information is fragmented, but confirmed by a number of humanitarian and medical services.

Earlier, the Russian Agency publicized public skirmish between the representative of the foreign Department of the USA John Kirby and the RT reporter at the briefing. Kirby several times went from no response to a request to provide data on the hospitals, which had been air strikes. The diplomat also refused to name the source of this information.

However, later the state Department gave information about the strikes on five hospitals and a mobile hospital in Syria and called them the source is the Turkish office of the Syrian American medical community Health Cluster Hub Turkey, whose headquarters is in Washington. Agency Sputnik in the organization reported that data were obtained from operating in Syria, volunteers and staff.

There stated that official information about what was destroyed by the medical establishment, no. However, there is speculation about the involvement of Russia, based on reports from witnesses, and because the organization requires examination.

A spokesman for the world health organization (who) Tariq BiH national jasarevic Azra explained RIA “Novosti” that the Turkish hub of the health cluster works under the auspices of the who. There’s also confirmed the existence of the above-mentioned NGO health facilities and the fact that they destroyed.

“Who has direct contact with the five hospitals referred to in our statement, and employees of these hospitals informed us about the damage… who have no mandate and experience examination to determine the cause of the injury or identifying the perpetrators,” said BiH national jasarevic Azra.

In the regional office of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) in Damascus, confirmed the information about the attacks on two medical facilities: on 14 November, bombs hit in medical facilities of al-Ansar and Atareb, located to the West of Aleppo. The press-Secretary of the Department of indzhi Sidqi said: “we Have no information about these two hospitals, except that they were completely destroyed… these hospitals don’t work at all. We can’t determine whether their destruction as the result of an air strike or not. Our team was not at the scene of the incident… the ICRC provided assistance to these hospitals by providing medicines and medical supplies”.

The representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov insisted earlier that the VC of the Russian Federation and the Syrian air force does not conduct combat missions for almost a month. “The message of Qatar TV channel “al Jazeera” in the UK “the Syrian Observatory of human rights” (meaning “the Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights” – SOHR) and other similar resources about the alleged bombing by aircraft of VC of Russia “for the third day of the hospital” in Aleppo, are a common lie,” – said the Russian General.

In the state Department after the altercation with the journalists provided information about the bombed hospitals in Syria 19.11.2016

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