Each leader of the faction of the State Duma will be able to hire up to four advisers. In addition, each Deputy of the lower house of Parliament will be up to seven paid assistants, while before they were five.

As told RIA “news” a source in the state Duma on the issue with the advisors of the leaders of the factions “there is agreement in principle”. According to “Interfax”, the head of the factions will be able to hire advisers from 1 January 2017. The salary of each such Advisor will amount to 190 thousand rubles per month.

As informs “the Russian newspaper”, the idea to introduce the position of Advisor appeared after the new composition of the state Duma has not got a number of deputies from the previous convocation, and the fractions were sorry to lose experienced staff.

In the Communist party, according to TASS, nearly decided on the advisers of the head of fraction Gennady Zyuganov. According to the Communist Nikolai kolomeytsev, they will choose from among doctors of Sciences and academicians. They may be Vadim Cumin, which
as a Deputy had previously worked on issues of financial markets, and Sergei Obukhov and Mikhail Berulava. However, the final decision on candidates is still pending.

With regard to the increase from five to seven paid assistants to deputies, according to the Communist Ivan Melnikov, quoted by TASS, their growth will be achieved by optimizing operation of the apparatus of the state Duma and will not require additional funds. “The increase is in the context of the redistribution of funds within the Council – not one penny from the budget we do not take”, – assured the Deputy from LDPR Igor Lebedev.

Still the posts of adviser to the head of the Duma faction was not. However, the MPs have up to 45 assistants. Five of them receive money for their work, and the remaining 40 are working on a voluntary basis. Currently, the payment of the five assistants to the Deputy is 160 thousand rubles per month. It is expected that after the entry of listed innovations in force, this amount will be increased to 200 thousand rubles.

In the state Duma came up with councillors with a salary of 190 thousand rubles for employment not included deputies of the previous convocation 10.11.2016

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