Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Nikolay Govorin on 21 October sent a letter to the head of the Federal service for alcohol market regulation to ban the sale in vending machines alcohol-containing products, including tinctures of hawthorn and honey tonics, says on the website of “United Russia”.

Govorin wrote that if the stores alcoholic beverages is prohibited to sell to minors, then the lotion in street points, the so-called alcomato, such restrictions do not apply and children can easily buy alcohol products.

“The products sold in them, not positioned as a food, but it attracts the attention of people is “edible” names such as “grain lotion, honey tonic” and “hawthorn”, as well as an emphasis on high alcohol content,” reads the letter of the Deputy.

By law, cosmetic lotions do not apply to alcoholic beverages that is forbidden to be sold through vending machines. The law prohibits selling through vending machines tobacco, alcohol, drugs and pyrotechnics.

At the beginning of October in Kaluga has been scandal after the appearance of the vending machine selling alcohol “lotion”. The clock on the machine you could buy a bottle of tincture of hawthorn.

On the bottle was written: “beauty Lotion with alcohol content of 75%”. The cost of one vial with a volume of 99 ml was 20 rubles. After about the device told the national media, it was removed.

Later it became known that in Chita the police seized a vending machine for cosmetic lotion “Hawthorn”. The reason for the absence with the device information stand for customers, indicating the product composition.

Hawthorn tincture is a medicinal drug used to treat cardiac ailments. However, some people prefer to use it and other such alcoholic liquors for other purposes instead of alcoholic beverages.

The composition of the cosmetic lotion “Hawthorn” is ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 75%. This product is often used as a cheap alternative to alcohol. In the same vein, suffering from alcoholism use alcohol tincture of hawthorn, which, if simply dosing it is used to treat heart disease and in high doses leads to poisoning with the risk of death.

The experts noted that due to the crisis in the country, many citizens no longer enough money on legal alcohol, and in this regard the Russians increasingly began to acquire tincture “Hawthorn” or “Motherwort”, nicknamed “funfiriks”. In 2014, alcohol tinctures and antiseptics are not intended for ingestion, claimed nationwide life 45 thousand people, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”.

In Russia, the growing network of machines “Боярка24″

Equipment for sale of alcohol-containing lotions is massive. In the Internet appeared the website “Боярка24″offering to buy the machine and install it in your town to get a profit from sales. There is a list of products: tonic “Cedar” lotion “On buds”, “sun Bread” lotion “Hawthorn”, tonic “ginseng extract” and “Tincture of oak.”

The site’s tagline – “We have a crisis like the wind in the sails!” – clearly alludes to the future owners of machines, in conditions of difficult economic situation in the country have the opportunity to earn on the sale of legal substitutes for alcohol. The average income from work of one machine is 53 thousand rubles per month, reported on the website. The unit itself can be purchased through the group “Боярка24″ the social network “Vkontakte” for 35 thousand rubles.

Machines “Боярка24″ already appeared in the Sverdlovsk region. At least two of the apparatus installed in Novouralsk, announced recently a reader of the portal

The businessman, who established in city machines, said that he had not received permission to install, but I’m sure nothing broke. In the regional police Department reported that complaints about the devices have not yet been. If the statements were available, checking the vending machines lotions will deal with prosecutors.

In addition, according to the news website several vehicles “Боярка24″ appeared in Ekaterinburg. The sellers of the machines do not reveal the exact location of the devices, fearing attention from the Supervisory authorities.

Judging by the videos in the group “Боярки24″ the social network “Vkontakte” selling machine “Hawthorn” also appeared in Izhevsk.

In August, the machine “Боярка24″ was discovered in Sochi. “In just 30 rubles each seeker (and minor) around the clock can buy 100 grams of this alcohol substitute,” wrote the indignant local resident portal “”. An eyewitness has sent information and photos of the gun to the police and the city administration. In his opinion, the device is installed in violation of part 3 of article 14.16 of the administrative code (“Violation of other rules of retail sale of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products”).

The machines of the company “Abar”

The sale of alcohol substitutes through vending machines in Russia is also engaged in OOO “Abar”. In April of this year, Life got in touch with the Director of the Moscow office of the company Valery Orlov. The interviewee said that the machines with lotions “luxury Bread”, “Wheat de Luxe” and “Baryshnikov color” and others have been installed in about 80 settlements throughout Russia. Primarily in Krasnodar Krai, Saratov, Smolensk, Kaluga and Moscow regions.

Senior partner of the law Bureau “Yurlov and partners” Vladislav he is an active explained that, in accordance with the current legislation on the sale of cosmetic lotions in containers not exceeding 250 milliliters not applicable FZ “On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol”. “Legally, such trading is legal,” concluded the lawyer.

In early 2016, in Saratov, on the wall hung a tire recapping machine, the piece sold cosmetic lotions, which are keenly interested in local youths. Judging from the appearance, the apparatus also belonged to the company “Abar”. As a result, local community has made its dismantling.

In the state Duma proposed to prohibit the sale of hawthorn through the machines, not to drink children 21.10.2016

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