Budennovsky city court of Stavropol territory has pronounced a sentence already to the former employee abolished in this year of Federal service on control over drug trafficking (FSKN), who was found guilty of marijuana sales.

The decision of the court the former senior operative of police O. A. Hoteev will spend behind bars for 11 years. To serve a sentence it will be in the correctional colony of strict regime, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the regional Department of the FSB.

The fact of the transfer of drugs involved in one of the residents of Budennovsk was documented as a result of operative-investigative activities. According to the examination of the transferred substance was marijuana weighing more than 420 grams.

Chateau detained by employees of management when receiving money for the sold goods. A criminal case was opened under part 4 of article 228.1 of the criminal code (“Illegal manufacture, sale, or shipment of narcotic drugs”). The defendant faces a sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

A pregnant ex-employee of Federal drug control service, stole more than 20 million rubles, was sent to the colony

Last week it became known about the sentencing of another former employee of Federal drug control service, ex – investigator rose Hayretdinova. She appeared before the Leninsky district court of Perm on charges in a series of frauds.

According to police, Khairetdinova in 2015 made three of fraud in especially large size with loss of 10.5 million, 9.4 million and 3.7 million rubles. In the fourth criminal episode it was about 700 thousand rubles of damage reported “news of Perm”.

Khairetdinova offered to buy municipal non-residential premises and land at a below market price due to its ties in the administration of the Perm and with the help of an influential friend named Vladimir. In the end, victims are left without a promised estate. And only one of them has lost 10.5 million rubles, was partially returned money to four million rubles.

16 September, during debate the public Prosecutor Sergey kutuev noted that the consequence and court it is not established any sidekick named Vladimir. The Prosecutor also pointed to Hayretdinova extenuating circumstances. She is raising two young daughters and has presented a certificate that is waiting for a third child. The Prosecutor stated the need to appoint a pregnant prisoner punishment only in the form of imprisonment”. He offered to send the woman to eight years in colony of General regime and fined expectant mother 300 thousand rubles.

The lawyer defending the interests of one of the victims, asked at sentencing to take into account the higher legal education and former position of the defendant. Khairetdinova previously served as a Federal drug investigator and was caught cheating. Perm regional court on 3 June 2010 found her guilty of falsifying evidence in two criminal cases on the sale of drugs. Then the woman was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment and pardoned.

She Khairetdinova fully pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud, nine and three million rubles. And guilt in the theft of 700 thousand rubles she denied completely.

September 19, judge Sergei Cheese read out the verdict. Hayretdinova sentenced to seven years in prison. A pregnant woman was taken into custody in the courtroom.

In the Stavropol territory operative of the FSKN has received 11 years of strict regime for drug trafficking 29.09.2016

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