In the Russian strategic Missile forces do not want to learn from the US experience to work with generals and officers who are overweight, which may be removed from the service. We have almost no such, said on air of”echo of Moscow” head of Department of combat training of the strategic missile forces Evgeniy shchelkanov.

“To introduce such should or should not? The Americans can take it,
probably the best, but not all in a row,” said the Russian rocket. He stressed that the strategic missile forces with weight all right: “the question is not so. Because we have people who are overweight are almost there”.

He said that the strategic missile forces is full of people, but it is
health: “If there are sick people, they have some
limitations not related to their conduct, regarding

In 2015, the wide resonance was received by history of American Jesse Milbrath, who for the sake of service in the army dropped 80 pounds in a year.

In the United States struggle with obesity in the army intensified a few years ago, after the Pentagon found that more than a quarter of American citizens between the ages of 17 to 24 unfit for military service due to obesity. The annual cost of treatment of obese soldiers exceed $ 1 billion.

In the strategic missile forces refused to learn from the US experience for dismissal thick the generals 29.10.2016

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